Tips To To Choosing The Right Fragrance For Your Occasion


When preparing for an event, meeting, date or casual event, a proper gentleman plans his outfit
and gets his footwear ready. In that same regard, you should also carefully select an appropriate
fragrance suitable for the setting you’re headed to.

These days, a single bottle of cologne cannot cater to all your outing needs. As such, a modern
man’s shelf must include an array of designer scents if he is to spark the interest of people
and reaffirm his status as a gentleman.

There are a variety of scents befitting both formal and casual events. Here is our guide to
choosing the right fragrance for your next affair;

At The Office

Preferably, something light with an aromatic undertone will project a scent of freshness, without
causing your colleagues any headaches. In other words, opt for subtle smells when you’re at work to avoid discomforting your colleagues. We highly recommend Davidoff Cool Water, Calvin Klein
Euphoria or Bleu de Chanel.

An Interview

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When attending an interview for a prospective job, you’ll likely be crammed into a small space
or a conference room, so overdoing it with your fragrance could gas everyone in the room and
give you a bad first impression or ultimately cost you the job. Go for Eau Fraiche by Versace because it is the weakest of all fragrance compositions or better still, L’EAU D’ISSEY by Issey Miyake.

Date Night

Going out for a romantic evening with your significant other is as blissful as it gets but to make
the moment feel even more sensual, you need to have on the right scent that will leave a lingering impression in the mind of your companion. After all, the ultimate intention is to make them fall in love with you all over again. However, you also to be careful not to go overboard because strong fragrances can alter one’s sense of taste and actually ruin dinner so go easy with
the spraying. Virgin Island Water by Creed, La Nuit De L’Homme by Yves Saint Laurent or Tobacco Vanilla by Tom Ford will do just fine.

A Dinner Party

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If you’re high society enough to be attending proper dinner parties, then you are expected to know etiquette demands that your fragrance shouldn’t be so strong that it distracts fellow guests and even discomforts those with breathing problems. What you need is something strong enough to be perceived over the scent of steaming food but not so strong that it completely overshadow the aroma of the meal. Royal Oud by Creed or Dolce & Gabbana’s Light Blue Intense is suitable for the occasion.

A Wedding Ceremony

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Most men from the age of 25 can attest to the marriage fever which spreads like wildfire among
friends and family. Apart from getting your dancing shoes ready and dry cleaning your Agbada, it’s also a chance to put on your special scents. In Nigeria, wedding parties are a popular meeting
place for singles looking to mingle so if you fall in that category and you want to get noticed then you don’t only have to look good, you’ll need to smell good too because scents tend to resonate with woman longer and gives you a lasting first impression. Creed Aventus, Noir by Tom Ford or
Intense by Prada will give you the desired effect.

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