Trump Has Been Nominated For 2021 Noble Peace Award


The Noble Committee overseeing the activities of the Noble Peace Prize has announced the names of their nominees for 2021 award. The Peace Prize is among the five Nobel Prizes established by the Swedish industrialist, Alfred Noble.

For going all the way out to peacefully resolve the border conflict between his country and a neighboring country, Eritrea, Ethiopian Prime Minister, Abiy Muhammed won the last edition of the Noble Peace Prize.

For the 2021 edition however, about 107 nominees have been announced and these include individuals and organisations.

In the list of individuals announced, Former US President, Donal Trump made it to the top five. He has been nominated and so stand a chance of winning such a rare prize.

Donald Trump

However, considering the chaos and election protests that followed his defeat by Joe Biden in the Nov. 2020 US election, one would be imagining what must have earned him such feat.

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According to, he has being a relevant personality for having greatly contributed to the growth of his society and humanity as a whole during his days as a business man. When he joined politics, he was elected President of the United States in 2016 under the Republican Party.

His nomination therefore was born out of his relentless effort to peacefully unite the UAE – United Arab Emirates and Israel, of which he succeeded in 2020.

Today, some Arab Countries have entered the peace accord with Israel and so, he is being recognized as the peace maker between the two countries.

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Other people who made it to the top 5 list with him are:

1. Greta Thunberg – (18)

The 18-year-old teenage is a Swedish Climate Change Activist who has become prominent for challenging world leaders on their negligence to Climate Change. She is the second youngest to be nominated for the Peace Prize. Malawa Youzafzaiwas is the first youngest who won the 2014 Peace Prize edition.

Greta Thunberg

She also spoke at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in 2018.

2. Alexei Navalny

He is a Russian opposition leader who has ardently stood against corruption in his country. He is a lawyer who uses his social media handles with millions of followers to expose the hidden rots of Russian government.

Alexei Navalny

He has been arrested severally on this occasion.

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3. World Health Organization – WHO

WHO has been nominated due to its relentless struggles to provide safe, secure and fair access to Covid-19 vaccines for Nations across the world, including the poor ones.

This feat was particularly achieved with their COVAX program.

4. Black Lives Matter – BLM

The BLM organization was nominated by a Norwegian member of Parliament, Petter Eide who affirmed that the organization has brought forward a new consciousness and awareness about racial justice.

BLM movement

Remember that the major aim of the organization is to eradicate White Supremacy over the Blacks and maintain a racism-free atmosphere where Black Lives would no longer be a targeted demise.

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