Trump is Hopeful about preventing coronavirus

US News (INL): Most people with coronavirus are now in the United States. The health sector of the country is under pressure to provide treatment to more than 150,000 coronavirus patients.

The country is in crisis due to the need for ventilators, safety equipment and medical equipment. US President Donald Trump is not losing hope even in such circumstances.

News of the BBC. At a Coronavirus task force meeting at the White House on Monday 30 March, Trump said he was optimistic about dealing with the crisis. It will be possible to supply the necessary medical equipment with ventilators very soon.

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Trump said 10 companies in the United States are making these tools. They may be exported overseas to meet the country’s demand.

Responding to a question about whether patients in the United States receive ventilators as needed, Trump said, “The problem will be solved very soon.” Trump claims that millions of people in the United States have already been tested for coronavirus.

He claims the number is higher than any other country. In the United States, the death toll from coronavirus has dropped to over 3,000. About 165,000 people have been affected in the country.Corona kills first US soldierOne of the first US troops to die from coronavirus has died.

The country’s Defense Department confirmed the information to the Pentagon on Monday. There has been a fear of infection spreading across the entire force. News Reuters. The deceased was a member of the New Jersey Army National Guardsman. The captain was named Douglas Lynn Hickok.Captain Douglas was admitted to the hospital on March 21 after suffering from coronavirus.

US Defense Secretary Mark Asper has expressed grief over his death. Last Monday, the Pentagon reported that a total of 568 members of the United States Army were infected with coronavirus. The number was 280 in the previous week. In addition, 450 civilians belonging to the military have also been infected with coronavirus.

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