Try These Tips To Make More Money On YouTube Using Adsense

Lately, I see lots of people hating on Google AdSense and praising affiliate marketing.
AdSense is suitable for almost all niche but affiliate marketing is not for all niche. Because someone out there is successful in one form of monetization doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try other forms.

Try to get Google AdSense, it is lifetime, it is easy to earn with (legitimate or illegitimate). Once approved, you will be earning for a lifetime.
Affiliate marketing, how long will that product trend before another product comes to beat it and you will have to make another write up about the new product and try to make sales?

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Don’t let anyone confuse you, AdSense is GOLD.

Secondly, most of you don’t have money to maintain your blogs but you run to WordPress because everyone is running there, what is wrong with Blogspot? If you don’t have money, Blogspot is free hosting you just need a domain name that you pay for once in a year. I can’t be using Blogspot on all my blogs and expect me to give you money to host your blog on WordPress. Stop trying to move faster than your limits, you will break down really fast.

If you are not good as a Blogger why not try vlogging (YouTube), YouTube is harder than weblog but you earn better with YouTube.

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I am taking a long break, so I might not be discussing anything related to Blogging in my DMs for a long time.

If you want to start a YouTube channel, try these tips;
Don’t create your channel until you have your videos ready.

Make sure you have at least 10 videos ready and upload them within the first 48 hours of creating your channel.

Make sure you pick a niche (category) that doesn’t require you to upload every day (unless you want to become a full-time YouTuber).

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If you want to edit your videos with your phone, use Kinemaster, use Adobe premiere pro, or Filmora pro version to edit your videos on PC.

Publish your video are private or unlisted for 1 hour and make sure your SEO is good before making them public.

Don’t use any just any music on your videos (you will face copyright issues, YouTube doesn’t joke with this). Go to YouTube audio library and use any of the song(s) provided there, it is free and you won’t get any strike.

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