Umahi bad market for rural dwellers- Izzi stakeholders


The grassroots political stakeholders from the fourteen (14) wards of Izzi Local Government Area, have risen from a meeting held on 26th November, 2020 at Achacha, Igbeagu, to state that:-

  1. The administration of His Excellency, Engr. David Nweze Umahi, the Governor of Ebonyi State, is a bad market for Ebonyians who reside in the rural areas, especially Izzi Local Government Area as a rural setting.
  2. Our school system has been bastardized as primary and secondary school teachers have been retiring in their hundreds without replacement. Some of the primary schools having primary one to six with more than a stream per class operate with less that five teachers. Not a single teacher has been recruited into the system since 2015.
  3. Our rural roads encountered the impact of grader last in 2014 during the last year of the previous administration. The roads are all season impassable. However, grading and lateriting of these impassable roads exist in the Council’s financial books as this is the easiest way to retire difficult account expenses. His Excellency, the Governor knows very well why our Chairman is unable to grade and laterite the road on ground.
  4. Neither a pole nor a metre of electric wire came into our wards as the State Rural Electrification project. Unfortunately, most rural electrification projects done by the previous administration but were not energized have been vandalized, leaving only the poles standing along the roadside.
  5. Water boreholes are the most reliable source of good water in the rural areas. Most of the water boreholes provided by the previous administration are in a state of disrepair. The situation became worse when the current administration disconnected from the UNICEF rural water supply programme. His Excellency, the Governor, is yet to provide water and there is serious water scarcity in our wards. The above facts are verifiable.
  6. Though His Excellency, Engr. David Nweze Umahi is our Governor, he is yet to qualify as a father of the State. A father is a man who cares for his family, especially his children and not a man who only cares for the fulfillment of his ambition. Most of the Governor’s projects are driven by his ambition and not the peoples interest.
  7. The Izzi people stand with the majority who are still members of Peoples Democratic Party. We therefore dissociate ourselves from the defection of Governor David Umahi and his group from PDP to APC. We are of the opinion that everybody should be allowed to stay at the party of one’s choice without any iota of intimidation or molestation.
  8. That Izzi is entirely PDP and many members of the APC want to join PDP because they have disowned the Governor who defected to their party from PDP. The Governor was disowned because he is crisis-ridden and causes disaffection between brothers. His disrespect to elders and leaders of the State was a case in point.
  9. The people of Izzi Nnodo are known for their respect for the elders and that eluded the government of Governor David Umahi. As a matter of fact, we have unanimously rejected the Governor and his party because of his disrespect for the elders and leaders of the State. He should learn how to respect elders that fought for the creation of Ebonyi State.
    Signed by the following stakeholders on behalf of Elders and Leaders of Izzi Local Government Area:
  10. John Nwite
  11. Nkwuda Ndanyi
  12. Christian Nkwegu
  13. Pius Nkashi
  14. Peter Nwibo
  15. Sunday Mgbabu
  16. Nwamini Igwe
  17. Kenneth Utueze
  18. Simon Akuru
  19. Nweswipe Nkwuda
  20. Mbam Azunku
  21. Nwiphuru Iga
  22. Nkwegu Oku
  23. Ophoke Ikpe

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