Uwazurike Is An Empty Barrel – Papa Sigas

…Says verbal attack on Wike unjustifiable.

A frontline business man and socialite based in Port Harcourt, Rivers state, Prince Papa Sigas has added his voice to condemn the verbal attack by Mr Raphael Uwazurike the leader of Movement for the Actualisation of Biafra (MASSOB) to the Rivers State Governor, Barr Nyesom Wike.

In a swift reaction, while addressing journalists, Papa Sigas said the attack on the people’s governor is unwarranted, ill fated, baseless and unjustifiable at this time of Covid-19 pandemic when people are made to observe the lockdown.

He said after watching the video, he could not fathom any good reason behind the verbal insults as Raphael Uwazurike could not give tangible reason for his out burst over the demolition of a hotel by the Rivers government when it failed to comply with government directives. Papa Sigas alleged that he could only see jealousy, frustration and envy at play written over Uwazurike’s countenance. According to him the speech was a dubious attempt to malign Governor Wike and draw unecessary attention and curry sympathy as a busy-body fellow.

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Papa Sigas went further to query the audacity and temerity of Mr Uwazurike in rendering verbal insults to a serving executive Governor of a state like Rivers State. He said Uwazurike has lost focus, and for him to start abuses on an issue that doesn’t concern him is worrisome. He described Uwazurike as a jobless drowning man looking for who to hook up before going down. He went on to posit that Governor Wike and Uwazurike are not in the same class, level, state or position to warrant such embarrassing outburst in a state he is not from or recognised as an indegine. He described Uwazurike as an empty barrel, and one who has become a nuisance with the kind of noise he is making without thinking about its immediate consequences. He alleged that Uwazurike from his antecedence is a dubious fellow that must be watched, because whenever he is making such noise he is out to deceive gullible people around.

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He queried, “who is he fooling or deceiving after he raped Catholic Reverend Sisters and took over their lands in Owerri and build on it and live on the land till today” “What moral ground does he have to address Governor Wike, a man loved and appreciated by his people for his dexterity and strength in fighting for their common good.” He said “Uwazurike should be ashamed of himself to talk in public about morality and examplary leadership”. “He is a hypocrite of the highest order” he asserted.

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Prince Papa Sigas futher revealed that the demolished hotel in Rivers State was hosting parties amidst the covid-19 pandemic, when there was a law forbidden such. The prince also posited that the “wanted” PDP Youth leader from Eleme was the owner of the hotel in question and was the person that shot the covid-19 committee members when they came to the hotel to inform the owner that what they were doing was against the executive order of the state government.

Apart from flouting the government order, the hotel habors prostitutes and all manner of criminals around the area, which the people petitioned to the government.

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