Vatican : Pope Francis discloses sex abuse cover up in catholic church

Pope Francis has removed a clause that campaigners claim had been used to repress sex abuse within the catholic church. Pope Francis abolished “the pontifical secret” rule under powers allowing to ameliorate specific points of church law.

This is an epochal décision”said the archibishop Charles Scicluna one of the vatican’s most experienced sex abused on Vatican Radio.The pontiff’s move came as he accepted the resignation of archibishop Luigi Ventura,the Holy See’s ambassador to France,who has been accused of sexual importunity“.

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The lifting pontifical secrecy in sex abuse investigations was a key demand by church leaders like archibishop Scicluna and the German Cardinal Marx Reinhard, at a summit on sexual abuse held the Vatican on February.

They replied that secrecy in cases of sexual abuse of minors was lapsed and some of church leaders were hiding behind it instead of cooperating with authorities.

Scicluna said the New provisions open up ways to talk to victims and collaborate with authorities.

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“Now that impediment,we might call it that way,has been lifted,and the pontifical secret is no more an excuse” he said.

20years in the past, the catholic church has been hit by scandal involving the sexual abuse of minors by priest.The pope has vowed zero tolerance for offenders but victims of abuse want him to do more and make bishops who allegedly cover the abuse accountable.

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