Victor Oye and his failed quest to turn APGA into a ponzi scheme

In his bid to save face and justify the criminality, sabotage and betrayal of trust bestowed on him by APGA and Ndi Igbo, the morally deficient Ozonkpu Victor Oye, declared that he “saved” 1.3 billion Naira

As an Nnewi man, such an impressive figure quickly drove my young brain into overdrive as I too am keen on such business turnover, that can make an ordinary catechist roll in billions under such a short space of time, faster than the time it takes to convert pants into Benz!

As a true money man, the following questions quickly propped up in my brain as I salivated at the prospect of becoming a billionaire at little or no cost (legally o):

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1. What business did APGA invest in that is this magical?

2. How much did APGA and/or Victor Oye invest in this business?

3. What products/services do the business provide?

4. What can possibly be the running/overall cost of running this business? You cannot declare profit without also disclosing cost of business and gross profits as well

5. How much  percentage of the net profits was saved to amount to 1.3billion Naira?

6. Since it is savings, when did APGA agree to open a pseudo bank or operate a pseudo banking system?

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7. Who are the personnel manning this bank?

8. Is this bank registered?

9. With over 1.3 billion saved, who does it belong to? Ndi APGA or Victor Oye

10. If it is for APGA then when will it shared as dividends as seen both with banks and esusu?

11. Who are the shareholders to this bank/esusu and signatories to the monies?

12. If truly the 1.3 billion Naira saved belongs to APGA, why then is Victor Oye collecting monies for the upcoming convention?

As at the last time I checked (which was 1 second ago), APGA ain’t running an esusu or savings scheme neither did it register under the CAC to be granted to forcibly save monies that belong to the people under this recession

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It is glaringly obvious that the duplicitous character thinks he can do a number on Ndi APGA but little did he know that the immunity he enjoyed during the church bazaar where items of #50 can go for as much as #2500 without ramifications, isn’t transferable to politics especially where people’s monies are concerned



©Ugochukwu ‘Lord Verbinski’ Ifeanyi
APGA Nnewichi Ward 1

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