Video: Pigeons Released By Hope Uzodinma Also Refused To Fly In Imo State

If you can recall, the pigeons set free by President Mohammedu Buhari refused to fly. This took place at the Armed Forces remembrance.

According to tradition, President Buhari opened the caged to let them fly but instead they just stayed there moving around in the cage. The President tried to goad the pigeons by raising them into the air but alas, it was futile, tired by his actions the President went back to his seat.

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The video has now gone viral and is gathering a lot of reactions.

The same event that occurred with President Buhari and the pigeons also happened in Imo state but with a twist.

The Governor of Imo state Hope Uzodinma was the one honored to release the pigeons according at the ceremony. However, when he opened the cage, the same scenario that happened between President Buhari and the pigeons played again at the ceremony. But instead of goading the pigeons, the Governor threw the pigeons high into the air in a bid to make them fly.

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