Visa Free Countries For Nigeria Passport Holders

Travelling to another country for virtually all Nigerian passport holders demands heavy arrangement and preparation. This is not just as a result of the fees being paid in the process but the hard times that Nigerian citizens face in embassies in the quest of  obtaining a visa which is on the rise.
In fact,the Nigerian passport ranks 83rd in privilege to travel across the globe. But yet, obtaining a visa always seem strenuous and arduous.

However, do you know that there are forty four countries all over the world today that you can still visit with a valid Nigerian passport visa on arrival or visa free?. Yes really.
Visiting countries of such will definitely cut down most of the difficulties you’re likely to encounter while preparing for travel.

All you need is just a Valid passport and you may be given free visa or visa on arrival.
No visa?  Leave your worries behind!, as we have compiled a list of visa free countries that you can visit being a Nigerian passport holder and still have a wonderfully spent vacation.

1. Republic of Benin( West Africa )

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Being one of the neighbouring countries countries of Nigeria, the Benin republic permits Visa-free entry for Nigerian passport holders as instituted by the Economic Community Of West African States (ECOWAS).
It is a home of quite a large number of wildlife and houses great scenic veiws.

2  Bangladesh  (Asia) :

While Bangladesh is said to be one of the most populated country, they have a mutual bilateral ties with Nigeria. Hence, offers visa free entry for Nigerians for thirty days upon arrival

3. Chad (Central Africa)

Chad is an ideal country to visit without visa for Nigerians. It is absolutely free!  And houses fascinating sandstone formation and wonderful works of nature that will amaze you.

4  Cote d’Ivoire / Ivory coast (West Africa) :

Abidjan being its capital, Ivory coast also offers free visa entry for Nigerians and is quite an attractive place to be.

5. Burundi (east Africa )

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Burundi enjoys a culture that embraces amazing visual arts. They grant visa free entry for Nigerian passport holders for thirty days upon arrival.

6  Barbados  (Caribbean region)

You are welcome to Barbados as a Nigerian for six month without a visa. You do not have to face the problem of language barrier as English remains the official language in Barbados.

7  Cambodia  (Southeast Asia)
This particular country also offers 30 days visa on arrival in their major airports. The people of Cambodia are very benevolent and it is a place of numerous tourist attractions.

8  Cameroon  (central Africa)
The Cameroonians shares borders with Nigeria. Hence, it is among the visa free countries for Nigeria passport holders.

9   Domican (Caribbean region )
Having English as their official language, they offer Nigerians Visa free entry for twenty one days. It is a must-see destination for tourist and travelers.

10.  Gambia

 Gambia visa free entry  lasts for up to ninety days. Although, They hold the tittle of the smallest country in Africa but still remains along the visa-fee country for Nigerian passport holders.

Other countries that offer visa-free entry or visa upon arrival includes:

Fiji island
Guinea busjain
Burkina faso
Cape Verde
Seria Leone
Niger republic
Timor leste
Sir lanka

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