WAEC Literature In English Questions and Answers 2022/2023 OBJECTIVE & ESSAY/THEORY

WAEC Literature In English Questions and Answers 2022; Every year waec marking scheme for Literature In English changes and that is the most reason why you need the live WAEC Literature In English 2022. Though we advise you to make use of the waec Literature In English past questions 2021 yet we also on the other hand know that Literature In English waec question 2022 is going to be very different from what you have in the previous years. And no one can predict what will happen. But never to worry we will provide you the authentic live WAEC Literature In English Questions and Answer on this page.

Are you one of the 2022 WAEC aspirants who is looking for proper WAEC Literature In English Questions and Answers 2022 expo runs solutions? If so, you have come to the right place.

Keep up to date with the latest information and take advantage of the WAEC Literature In English exam solutions for 2022 that will be given to you on this page.

On this page you will stand a chance of getting WAEC Literature In English  Answers, WAEC Literature In English  Questions and Answers paper 1 and 2 (OBJ & Theory), and likely WAEC Literature In English  expo/runs 2022 – they are all covered in this article. Make sure you follow the instructions carefully.

WAEC exams 2022 is quite straightforward; relax while we help you attack it. Also, some applicants fail WAEC because they are not well informed, not because they are dull or not brighter. The WASSCE Literature In English  objectives questions and answers, as well as theory questions and answers will be provided.

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WAEC Literature In English OBJ Answers Sample Questions 2022

1. What does this lines illustrate “Oh spite! Oh Hell!! I see you are all bent” in Literature

  1. Apostrophe
  2. Epitaph
  3. Allusion
  4. Epigram

The correct answer is: A

2. In Literature, it is recommended that a play must be ___________ before performance.

  1. Scripted
  2. Recited
  3. Applauded
  4. Auditioned
  5. Rehearsed

The correct answer is: E

3. The Main Character in a play is called a ____________?

  1. Playlet
  2. Character
  3. Antagonist
  4. Protagonist

The correct answer is: C

4. Which figure of speech is expressed in this statement, “He is my beloved enemy”

  1. Oxymoron
  2. Personification
  3. Metonymy
  4. Synecdoche
  5. Litotes

The correct answer is: A

5. Which dramatic performance involves only the movement of the body without speech?

  1. Burlesque
  2. Farce
  3. Slapstick
  4. Mime

The correct answer is: D

6. Diction is known as the writer’s choice of ___________?

  1. Rhythm
  2. Style
  3. Words
  4. Syntax

The correct answer is: C

7. What kind of play in Literature moves the audience to pity and fear?

  1. Tragedy-Comedy
  2. Comedy
  3. Tragedy
  4. Farce
  5. Pantomime

The correct answer is: C

8. What function does a cast performs at the end of a play?

  1. Intermission
  2. Musical
  3. Curtain Call
  4. Introduction
  5. Announcement

The correct answer is: C

WAEC Literature Essay and Objective 2022 (EXPO)

The above questions are not exactly 2021 WAEC Literature questions and answers but likely WAEC Literature repeated questions and answers.

These questions are for practice. The 2021 WAEC Literature in English expo will be posted on this page today during the WAEC Literature examination. Keep checking and reloading this page for the answers.

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Today’s WAEC Literature Answers:

(2020 Answers)

Section A
Through Kabria and Sylv Po’s visit to Maa Tsuru, Fofo gets a chance to question her mother’s irresponsible nature. Maa Tsuru had no answers to Fofo’s questions just as she could not give any other option to Fofo apart from, “Go away from Accra” when Fofo inquired about why Poison attempted to rape her. Fofo from here knew she could not rely on her mother for protection; something that will come as a heavy blow to any fourteen year old. Kabria asked Fofo when inquiring about her rehabilitation process about staying with her mother again. Fofo’s answer was an emphatic ‘Never!’. This showed how sour the relationship between mother and daughter had turned.

Critically analyzing the relationship between Maa Tsuru and Fofo based on their decision making alone, the mother becomes the daughter while the daughter becomes the mother. Maa Tsuru’s poor decisions and infantile attitude suits more a teenager than a mother of six children. Fofo, the fourteen year old, seem to make the right choices guided by her instincts and naivety.

In the end, Maa Tsuru failed as Fofo’s mother and it took a once-in-a-life-time chance for Fofo to be saved off the jaws of the streets through the benevolence and motherly instincts of Kabria.

(1 Continuation)
Fofo who is confused, wants to know why the death of Baby T should necessitate an attempted rape on her, why Poison should get angered about a mother being told of her daughter’s demise.
Hence Maa Tsuru explains how poison came to the house to turn her into leper. Apparently, Poison had come to the house to openly reveal how Maa Tsuru released Baby T into prostitution and made money out of her demise. As a wicked person, Poison had threatened to replace Baby T with Fofo if Maa Tsuru or others involvement in the deal make him unhappy.

Fofo is vexed, protests her mother’s persistence that she should go away, and ponders where her mother wants her to go, especially when she lacks the wherewithal. She demands something better from her mother who has none to offer but Maa Tsuru regrets what she thinks “should not have happened”. The above made Fofo inquire if her father is still her mother’s husband.

Frustrated and weeping, Maa Tsuru decided to warn her daughter not to speak to her anyhow. Fofo is not impressed. Maa Tsuru prays silently for an end to her experience, after her daughter had told her she never wanted to come to her and her mother had shown surprise.
Later, fofo calmly asked why Poison is angry about Maami Borni coming to tell Baby T’s death to her mother and if anyone has spoken of what really happened.

Lastly, Maa Tsuru’s laments do not impress Fofo and later shows lack of concern to her mother’s consoling words; if she liked the plastic bag in the room. She(Fofo) meets Ordaley outside and inform that all is not right, they left afterwards.

In conclusion, this episode shows how decayed and depraved Shana society is in the book “faceless”


Although the play, there is a host of irresponsible men paraded. Muted leaves Maa Tsuru because he thinks she is cursed after having four children with her, he leaves her with no financial help. Nii Kpakpo preys on her and also leaves her after two children and also leaving her astray. He sexually molests his step daughter, Baby T. There is Dina, the founder of MUTE, whose husband left four years after their marriage because they had no child. Onko is the fetish relative who rapes Baby T and bribes his way out of trouble. He eventually murders her in bid to change his financial woes. Instead of working hard, he believes the herbalists ritual will perform an immediate miracles on his business. The only man who says with his family in the novel is Kabira’s husband and he isn’t exactly portrayed in a good light. He’s stingy and does not help out in the house. He nags his wife and his more interested in his image than the comfortability of Kabira who uses her old car, creamy to do all the house runs without help from her husband


Alani, the third child of yaremi reject his ancestry by living ibadan for a long time. As a son to Ajumobi he is the heir and the right person to inherit his property. But his concerns are entirely different and values are not the same with those of the villagers too,he adopted an individualistic attitude to life, a sharp contrast to the laufi villager’s communistic deposition to the world around them.He is neither concerned about the well-being of his old mother nor his late father’s properties which he is the rightful owner of the properties.
Alani was advice by Uncle Dayo of his responsibilitiy as the only son of his father, he tell him of the continuity of life which even plants and animals obey.


Bigger berates himself for somehow failing to acquire more money during the murder and cover-up, feeling that he should have planned things more carefully. He visits Bessie and shows her the money. Bessie tells Bigger that his employers live in the same section of town as the Loeb family. They discuss a recent case in which Richard Loeb and his friend Nathan Leopold kidnapped a neighborhood boy, killed him, and tried to collect ransom money from the family. Bigger remembers the case and begins to concoct his own ransom plan. Bigger sees that Bessie is as blind as his family, as she uses liquor to blot out the pain of her life. He struggles over whether or not to trust her, but tells her that he has a big plan to obtain more money. Bigger tells Bessie that the Daltons’ daughter ran away with a “Red,” and that he took the money from Mary’s room after she disappeared. He says he wants to write a ransom note and collect more. He assures Bessie that Mary has disappeared for good, but Bessie is suspicious of how he knows for certain. When Bessie asks Bigger if he is involved with Mary’s disappearance, he threatens to beat her. He tells Bessie to retrieve the ransom money at a planned drop-off site, assuring her that he will be able to warn her if the money is marked or if the police are watching, as he works for the Daltons and will be privy to their plans. Bessie hesitantly agrees to help, so he gives her Mary’s money for safekeeping



Walpole’s The Castle of Otranto displays many of the features that would become stereotypically Gothic, being deployed around ghosts and spirits. For example, the story takes place in a foreign country, in a medieval castle with towers and secret passageways. The castle is eerie and ominous, plagued by creaking hinges, trap doors clanging shut, the wailing of the wind, and the life-like quality of people in paintings.

Supernatural elements like ghosts, visions, mysterious suits of armor, and prophecies run through the novel. Though Walpole is often credited as the first Gothic novelist, such fanciful elements were in fact drawn from medieval romance, heroic tales in which knights often encountered marvels or supernatural phenomena on their adventures. Though the Gothic novel was always considered lowbrow literature even during the height of its popularity, before Walpole, “gothic” was looked down upon even more, and associated with barbarism. Walpole’s novel helped to change that, and his unfettered enthusiasm for the Middle Ages was extraordinary. One of many accomplishments he is well known for is Strawberry Hill, a faux-medieval castle Walpole built for himself and on which he based The Castle of Otranto.

Though many of the literary devices found in Otranto are now recognized as archetypically “Gothic,” Walpole’s novel indulged in humor in a way that later Gothic works such as Dracula and Frankenstein did not. Part of this is achieved merely by his presentation of Gothic and supernatural elements. For example, Conrad’s death by giant helmet, while tragic to the story’s characters, is completely absurd. The setting itself, often merely eerie in later Gothic works, is also occasionally humorous. The castle’s “deep and hollow groan” is “the effect of pent-up vapours” — in other words, the castle is farting.


Drama & Poetry

Aloho comes in contact with her secondary school mate, Ochuole, who promises to secure a job for her by speaking with the Honourable Minister of External Relations, Chief Haladu Ade-Amaka, on her behalf. Ochuole keeps to her promise, and Aloho is offered a job as one of Chief’s protocol officers, not knowing that the job requires more than what she thinks.

She is also unaware of the fact that Ochuole is being used by Chief to perpetrate criminal activities, especially drug trafficking. As regards this, Madam Hoha is not left out as her restaurant/hotel is the hideout for Chief’s criminal activities. As one of her hidden job descriptions, Aloho is given a package containing hard drugs to deliver in the United States of America. Having no idea of what is contained in the package, Aloho accepts the package from Chief Ade-Amaka wholeheartedly and subsequently gets arrested at the airport by drug law enforcement officers.

Aloho is later released by the Judge and the prosecutors after collecting a huge sum of money from Chief. Upon her release, she discovers that she is pregnant by Chief and decides to abort the pregnancy after feeling being humiliated for having been used by Ochuole and Chief Ade-Amaka.

Unfortunately, after several futile attempts to abort the pregnancy, Aloho dies after giving birth to the child. Ogeyi Ogar, Aloho’s true friend (whose pieces of advice she had turned down) is bent on having all those who used her friend punished. As a result, she reports Chief to the police. After an investigation initiated by ACP Yakubu and a careful examination of the legal issues in the illegal activities of Chief Ade-Amaka by the Judge of the Wasa High Court of Justice, Chief Ade-Amaka and his accomplices are found guilty. In the end, justice prevails as the all the corrupt public officers in the play have a harvest of the corrupt practices they’ve sown for years.

How to Get WAEC Literature In English Questions and Answers 2022/2023 for FREE – WAEC Literature In English Expo 2022

You can use this WAEC Literature In Englishulture Questions and Answers 2022 guide to help you get a good grade in Literature In English if you want to do well in the exam for WAEC. This is a free and simple guide.

How do I get to this event? Please use the comment box below if you want to get our free WAEC Literature In English Questions 2022 and the correct WAEC Literature In English Answers 2022 for free!

How to Pass WAEC Literature In English Exams 2022 | WAEC Literature In English Expo 2022

1.     Put Reading First.

People who claim that they must stop reading because they have completed their education are completely wrong. It’s a completely erroneous belief or perception to think that once you have completed your education it’s all over. Learning never stops you know; anyone who stops reading or learning will be living with old information and will move around with it. We live in a world that is constantly changing, and in order to be a very successful human being in today’s society, you must keep up with the latest information.

In reality, relying on a single author for ideas or information is not a proper way of getting updated information. To amass enough information, read as many books as possible.

We implore all applicants who are about to take the WAEC Literature In English exams 2022 to continue reading books relating to their field of interest on a regular basis.

2.     Obtain the Appropriate Preparatory Materials

Exam preparation should not be limited to reading books. The question you should ask yourself is, “What kind of book am I reading, and how will it help me pass the WAEC Literature In English exams?” Here is what you should consider as appropriate prepared material: textbooks, dictionaries, waec Past Questions and Answers and so on.

3.     Attend Extra-Classes.

Attending extra moral classes can be a source of pride for some people. Some people believe they are too big and are unconcerned about it. This is a completely incorrect viewpoint, and you must change it. Extra classes will help you grow, extend, and broaden your intellectual capacity, making it easier for you to understand things.

Extra moral classes, organized by educational tutors, can be observed all over. This type of class can be held after school in the evenings, during the holidays, or after the school day has ended for the term or session.

You will never be sorry if you attend one.

4.     Set Out Time for Rest

Many people who are studying for impending examinations are unaware of the importance of rest and sleep. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. When you take time to rest or sleep, your brain relaxes and your mind calms. Everything is new and your strength has been renewed by the time you wake up. If you force yourself to read when you are sleepy or exhausted, you will not be able to perform better; you will fall asleep quickly, and by the time you wake up, everything you read will have vanished.

This is something that all UTME candidates should be aware of because it is really significant.

5.     Maintain a Healthy Way of Life

One of the things that will motivate you as a person is to eat properly and live a healthy lifestyle. You can easily get sick if you don’t eat well and healthily, such as consuming meals that aren’t truly clean, low-quality foods, and you don’t build up your cells to be immune to sickness.

During the process of studying for tests, many students or candidates become weary, dizzy, and even sick. To avoid this, as soon as you notice a symptom of disease, make an appointment with a doctor, your parents, or the people you live with for additional medical attention.

6.     Chatting on social media should be limited.

It is not a proper thing to spend 80% of your time on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others, and just 20% of your time on your academics. You’ll never be able to create it that way. At the very least, make it 80/20. 80 percent of your time should be spent studying and researching in preparation for your upcoming waec exams.

You may always go back to those things after you have finished your waec exams. FOCUS is the key word here.

This is the extent of our discussion at this time. We will provide more information as soon as we lay our hands on it. If you found this post useful, please share it with others.


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