“Wake Up Mr Chairman”, Niger State PDP Stakeholders Write Secondus

"Wake Up Mr Chairman", Niger State PDP Stakeholders Write Secondus

Prince Uche Secondus,
National Chairman,
HQs Office, Abuja.

Dear Sir,


Our Previous Correspondence refer:

You will recall that all preparation for the State congresses have been completed and sale of Forms from Ward to the State levels closed; as a matter of fact, Congress into the Ward Executive positions have been concluded when COVID-19 pandemic surfaced bringing an abrupt stoppage to the LGA and State Congresses.

More than four months after all the processes have been concluded and dates for the congresses fixed, just Seven days away, some persons are brandishing newly obtained Forms to contest Party offices during the congress. We are not aware the Party reopened the sale of Forms; and whatever Forms that are been brandished by some persons, in our humble view appears to be criminally and illegally obtained, as we are of the firm believe that the PDP National Secretariat has not conceded to the sales of new Forms. As a matter of fact, its alleged that you as the National Chairman released the Forms to them. While the assertions may be mere name dropping to authenticate the planned mischief by a handful, we view same as a calculated attempt to foist a minority view over the majority which your office must not overlook or sleep over to the deteriment of the Party on its way up again. We are aware that the NWC/NEC has not authorised re-sale of Forms or sanctioned adjustment on the timetable released.

The National Chairman sir, kindly note that failure to take desicive action is a pathway to crisis and a sure way to disintegrate the Party in Niger State.

2) Another dangerous trend is that a few members like, Hon. Sani Idris (your aid), Hon. Mukhtar Ahmed, Hon Baba Shehu Agaie and a few co-travellers against the wish of the majority Stakeholders are beating their chests and brandishing your name as having given them the go ahead to make the State congresses in Niger inconclusive, to allow for the congress materials to be ferried to Abuja so as to declare Hon Muktar Ahmed the winner in your office. This in our view, is at best a sad commentary and at worst Criminal.

3) As though that is not enough, Major Stakeholders from Niger State wrote to you on the 7th of May, 2020, communicating the unanimous decision of all Stakeholders on the formation of the Caretaker Committee, you neither acknowledged nor acted upon the letter. In the same vein, another letter dated 7th July 2020. Seeking audience with you, weeks after, you neither acknowledged nor gave such audience, refusal to acknowledge nor act upon the two communications give credence to speculations that you are planning a hatchet job on PDP Niger State Chapter

4) Mr. Chairman Sir, the PDP is on it’s way back to the path of success. Its on record that those who did not labour for the Party are among the biggest beneficiaries of the PDP; and the advantages gained from the Party are used against her fortunes continuously. They are sabotaging all efforts to revamp PDP in the State, and the National office is hereby called upon to wake up and do the needful.

5) We are not asking for any special or undue privilege, we are only saying the laws and rules are clear, they should be followed and your name that is being dropped all over the place in support of such mischief should be checkmated not to be used to sabotage the PDP in Niger State.

6) From 2016, We have worked tirelessly to rebuild the Party culminating in the formation of a Legal Team that saved the party litigation cost, Media Team that saved cost and taken back the Party to the people that have won her several seats at Local Government Elections that is usually a walkover for the Party in power.

7) Lastly the PDP is now the Party of choice of Nigerlites but some agents are bent on holding it down for selfish interests in pursuit of personal goals and agenda using your name. Rather than fold our arms, we’ll vehemently resist any manipulative and destructive tendencies aimed at the Party.

We thank you while calling on you and your team to do the needful to save the soul of PDP in Niger State.
God bless PDP, God bless Nigeria


1) H.E. Senator Zaynab A. Kure CON
Former first lady, former Senator, Leader Niger South Senatorial District.

2) H.E. Dr. Shem Zagbayi Nuhu OFR
Former Deputy Governor, Leader Niger East Senatorial District

3) Alhaji Abubakar A. Tanko
Former Minister/ BOT member, Leader Niger North Senatorial District

For and on behalf all stakeholders of Niger State People’s Democratic Party.

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