We care about Biafra, not who becomes president –IPOB

                           IPOB to hold referendum Feb 16

The Indigenous People of Biafra ( IPOB) has said it is not bothered about who becomes president of Nigeria from May 29, rather its focus is on Biafra restoration.

The group urged politicians, artisans, traders, academics, professionals, businessmen and women in Biafraland and all over the world to support IPOB in its quest for Biafra liberation.

Media and Publicity Secretary of IPOB, Emma Powerful, said the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Army, Police, Department of State Security (DSS) and other security apparatus were regular instruments used by the government to disenfranchise citizens from discharging their civic rights in Nigeria.

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“With or without your votes, soldiers and police in Nigeria uniforms, including INEC, will continue to rig elections and publicly disenfranchise Biafrans. A new equation has been successfully introduced, which is the use of INEC collation officers to allocate figures to their preferred candidates, under the watchful eyes of the Nigerian military. We are not bothered who becomes president of Nigeria from May 29, because our focus is on Biafra restoration.

“Our people must understand that the way the Constitution of Nigeria was written, and the country’s structure gives the core North undue advantage over the rest of the South, especially with Yoruba support, which the North can always count on. Nigeria is not a country and will never be.

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“We wish to reaffirm our position, clearly, to all and sundry, in Nigeria and beyond, that Biafra freedom and sovereignty is non negotiable regardless of the political permutations in Nigeria.

“Idle minds and hired hands can chatter and speculate to their heart’s content on social media, but, one obvious and inescapable fact remains that our stance that voting in Nigeria is useless has been vindicated by the result of the shambolic rigging fest they call elections.

“The unacceptable levels of humiliation, intimidation, killing, announcement of fake results, coupled with sponsored propaganda against our leader, Nnamdi Kanu and entire peaceful movement like IPOB, by strategy deficient perennial losers, cannot stop our total resolve to restore Biafra sovereignty in the shortest possible time.

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“Only a moron and worker of iniquity will pretend not to know what transpired in Nigeria, during the recently concluded presidential election. Using the military, police and armed thugs to rig in favour of the ruling APC was clear for all to see.

“Irrespective of your tribe, group or religion, there is undeniable universal acknowledgement that IPOB is the only ray of light in an otherwise dark and murky political landscape in Nigeria.”

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