We Shouldn’t Be Deceived, Nigeria US Not Strategic Partners, Says Ambassador Keshi

Ambassador Keshi

Nigerian diplomat and former consul general in Atlanta, Ambassador Joe Keshi has said citizens should not be deceived into believing that Nigeria and the United States are strategic partners.

Keshi was a guest on ARISE News and was reacting to reports that suggested the collaboration between the two governments that led to the rescue of an American citizen last week in Nigeria showed they were strategic partners.“The United States will act when it’s in its best interest, and that is one of the reasons among other reasons why I say, we have a very cordial relationship with the United States but let’s stop deceiving ourselves to believe we are strategic partners,” he said.“You cannot compare Egypt to Nigeria in terms of relationship with the United States, you cannot compare Israel in terms of relationship with the United States, you cannot compare South Korea which is what is affecting the election of Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala with the United States.“So we just must admit, we have a good relationship with the United States, but when it comes to strategic I am a little bit conscious about using that word,” he added. Mr. Keshi also said the world has shown a lot of interest in the US election as countries look at a possibility of a return to normalcy in world arrangements.“The world has shown interest in this election more because of the fact that up till four years ago America was considered to be the leader of the free world but under the current president, a lot has changed to the extent that traditional allies of the US have tried as much as they can to stay out of Donald Trump’s way while he embraces dictators around the world.“The world is looking at the possibility that we could return to normalcy in terms of diplomatic arrangement because the peace that came about in 1945 and the construction of the global environment that the Americans led are almost gone and everybody is anxious that a bit of it should be returned for the sake of the world and actually also for the sake of Americans themselves,” he said.

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