What Could be the Reason Why Aisha Didn’t Wish Buhari a Happy Birthday on Social Media?

President Muhammad Buhari clocked 78years old a few days ago, many Nigerians wished and celebrated the president’s birthday on social media. However, not a single person from the first family with the president a happy birthday on social media.

The latest development has caused panic as different rumors flying around on social media.

Some also claimed that the reason why Aisha and her children failed to wish Buhari a happy birthday on social media is that there are conflicts and crises in the first family. The first lady also traveled to Dubai a few days to her husband’s birthday citing insecurity in Aso Rock as an excuse.

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The president’s birthday was celebrated by many Nigerians including those in the opposition party. It is very strange not to see a single post from any member of the first family on their father’s birthday.

What could be the reason why President Muhammad Buhari’s wife and children didn’t wish him a happy birthday on social media this year like they always do in the past?

The first lady Instagram page, nothing about the president’s birthday there.

Zahra Buhari’s Instragram page, nothing about the president’s birthday there also.

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Based on my little research, it might be because of these two reasons.

First, the abduction of secondary school students by armed bandits in Kankara, Kastina State a few days to the president’s birthday. Maybe members of the first family are being cautious of what to post online on social media at that period because the whole country was in a sad mood because of the unfortunate event. However, the students were later released on the president’s birthday, yet no single post about it from anyone in the Buhari’s family.

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The schoolboys after they were released on Thursday.

Second, it might be true that there is a crisis in the first family. For the first lady to travel out of the country days to her husband’s birthday, it means something is wrong somewhere that we are not aware of.

What’s your take on this?

What could be the reason why Aisha Buhari and her children didn’t wish their father a happy birthday on social media?

Drop your comments below.

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