What Is The Difference Between Hushpuppi And Tinubu, Answer And Collect ₦5K

Probably one of the biggest and controversial topic you’ve seen this year,Mr Reno Omokri just dropped a big bombshell recently by asking a big question. He even promised to give five thousand naira to whoever gives him the answer

What is the difference between HushPuppi and Bola @AsiwajuTinubu ? What is the source of Tinubu’s wealth? What legal business does he do to be stupendously wealthy? Are the 1.9 million people hush scammed up to the population of Lagos? Call a spade a spade

Reno Omokri is a nigerian business man and a social media influencer, the question he asked about Hushpuppi and Bola Tinubu is quite tricky and confusing but in answering that question we need to figure out who both parties are. 

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Hushpuppi is a young and rich nigerian man who is well known for his flamboyant and showy lifestyle on social media, he is a big fan of Gucci products. recently, he was arrested in Dubai alongside his friends for crime related issues and handed over to interpol in US for more investigations, many people believe Hushpuppi is a yahoo-boy: a yahoo-boy is anybody who goes online claiming to be what they are not in other to rob people of their hard earn money.

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While Bola Tinubu is a former lagos state governor with enomous achievements. Tinubu who is rumoured to be craving to lead nigeria as a president has a lot of controversies surrounding his riches, some people said he enriched himself with money belonging to the people while some people say he is getting richer with revenue of lagos state even after leaving office. Do you remember the bullion van saga?

In one way or the other, both of them have close similarities. Both Hushpuppi and Bola Tinubu have wealth that cannot be fully traced. 

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However, Tinubu has not been charged for financial crimes while Hushpuppi is facing one right now.

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