When An Honorable Man Turns Himself To A Monster: The Action Of Kennedy Ibeh,His Aides

Kennedy Ibeh

By: Bishop Prof. Odirichukwu

I am grossly disappointed at what has turned out to be the monstrous face of Kennedy Ibeh who has made himself a confirmed dishonourable member of the Imo State legislative assembly. It quite despicable that one who is been looked upon as a leader of the new generation of politicians in Obowu has turned himself so suddenly into the old block of monstrous politicians that had characterized the old political system.

Yes we agree that politics is a game of interest which often is not interest of the people but of the persons (the politicians themselves). It is expected that when such interest arises and agreements are reached during the electioneering period, that such agreements should be respected as supposed. It is the inability to keep to such agreements and or the wanton disregard of the agreement that has resulted to the media fight and physical brutality on Finian Chuks by the aides of kennedy Ibeh.

Though they regularly deny the fact that Kennedy is behind their actions but the turn of things proves that they are acting the scripts written by Kennedy. How can they (Kennedy Ibeh and his Aides) made a Press Release last night stating how he frowned at the actions of his aides but this morning news on print everywhere is that an a Freelance journalist mobbed in Owerri by Irate Youths. You gave a Press Release acknowledging that it was your aides that beat up your brother and you turn around to pay off newsmen not to carry the true story, asking them to write that Finian Chuks a member of the Press Corp in the State house is a freelance Journalist. Kennedy Ibeh you and your aides are wicked by this publication.

I read with shock from the Daily Horns Newspaper this morning that Finian Chuks is a Freelance Jounalist who was mobbed by Irate Youths in Owerri. This same write up was flashed on the Obowo Newfield Magazine last night and for it to be on print this morning means that Kennedy and his boys led by Uncle Innocents are indeed very dangerous gangsters. It means that their plan was to mob Finian Chuks. It means that the target was to actually destroy him and his unfolding media career. They wrote the news and they used the right expression that actually revealed their main intention towards Finian Chuks. What a dangerous and unrepentant killer squad. Your action is a total display of demonism and this barbaric act of Kennedy and his men must not be swept under the carpet. So if Finian Chuks had been killed, the story would have been that unidentified youths attacked him, the same language used in killing and wasting innocent lives by the bloody and clueless politicians like Kennedy Ibeh.

If what Finian Chuks wrote about his findings concerning Kennedy Ibeh were frivolous, why fight him? Why not treat it as one of those miscreants trying to gain attention; at most seek a redress in a more refined matter which includes going to court; but to lay hands on him means that what he wrote were very substantive. This also implies that since the story could be true Kennedy Ibeh and his aides are grossly affected and offended and wants to kill him to hide the actual story yet to be heard.

If you claim that your aides flaunted your instructions not to respond or attack Finian, who paid the newsmen to upturn the story line of the attack? Information from confirmed sources holds it that Kennedy Ibeh paid some news media handsomely not to tell the true story.

How on earth could you Kennedy and your men refer to Finian Chuks as a freelance journalist. Someone who was been payrolled by the Imo State House of Assembly as your Chief Press aide; Someone who is a Chairman and Chief Executive of a Registered News Media Outfit in the country, who have received several awards and whose skill was an advantage to your reelection; Someone whose News Media runs a daily newspaper, a weekly sports magazine and a monthly magazine; you described as a freelance journalist. Someone who is a member of the Media team of APC in Imo State, who came to cover the party program, you are referring to as a freelance journalist. Sincerely speaking, Kennedy Ibeh, you and your men are very bloodless in your being.

It is very shameful that the same man who fought for you to win the election is Obowu against all odds is been paid back is such manner. The same person whose prowess in writing made you to sail across borders and by his writings made you to be the admiration of many even upcoming politicians and this is the way you rewarded him. Truly you are a strange entity. I tell you Kennedy Ibeh, if this is the kind of person you are; this is the last height you can everreach in your political career as afar this life is concerned.

It will interest all to know that Finian Chuks is receiving treatment at FMC Owerri, languishing in pains; all through the night till this morning I was in touch with him. What Kennedy Ibeh and his men did is condemnable; it is an act of wickedness, It is demonic and this should not be encouraged at all.

Bishop Prof. Odirichukwu

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