Why Acho Ihim Is A Minus To PDP


He is a misguided fellow who headed the worst House of Assembly in the history of Nigeria.

Under him anarchy reigned in the state. The house he controlled was complacent, mean and inconsiderate.

He connived with Owelle Rochas Okorocha to dupe Imolites. He ensured that he enriched himself at the detriment of Imolites.

He allowed Owelle Rochas to act ultravires without the house checkmating his excesses.

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He ran one of the most questionable exam coaching centres in Owerri with records of occult happenings.

He liaised with Uche Nwosu to steal billions of the Paris Bailout Fund and later became his deputy so that he would continue to steal Imo dry.

Now, as a smart criminal, he has seen that Uche Nwosu is a bad market and decided to align with PDP to see if he would be given the opportunity to continue the practice of stealing from our state’s coffers.

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Let no one say that I am being too blunt because the truth is glaring.

Everything Acho Ihim is a mixture of the absurd and the corrupt.

Yes, no one can be stopped from joining any political party of his choice but an Igbo adage warns us that it takes only a finger to bring the oil that affects other fingers. The Bible also warns us to be unequally yoked with unbelievers.

My advice: PDP should eat with Acho Ihim only with a long spoon because he’s never a good product.

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My name is Prof. Tony Oha

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