Why are Peter Obi’s Men Speaking Against Zoning?

They are now trying hard to separate zoning and equity. No one can discuss equity in isolation. Zoning came to address the equity-gap.

I hope the recent brouhaha about equity from Obi’s camp is not an attempt to deny ndi Anambra south their chance of producing the next governor come 2022.

Meanwhile, there are those who strongly believe that zoning breeds mediocre, incompetent and un-serious leaders.

But I wish to disagree completely with that notion. What breeds mediocrity and incompetence is imposition and not zoning.

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Most of the dumb leaders we have today at all levels of govt are imposed on us. Every senatorial zone, local govt and even communities have competent hands to lead their states at every time it is their turn to produce one.

What we must guide against is imposition. Let the political parties nominate the best brains from Anambra south and allow the voters to decide.

Equity, from every perception one looks at it favours Anambra south come 2022. The equity debate demands that governorship should be zoned to Anambra south senatorial district.

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2022 is Anambra south senatorial zone.
Keep the sanctity of zoning, it is healthy in our democracy.

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