Why Ruga Must Be Establish In All States – Miyetti Allah

                            Miyetti Allah

The general secretary of miyetti Allah cattle breeders association of Nigeria (Macban), Baba Uthman Ngelzarma acknowledge the effort of Osibanjo and boasted that the program to establish ranches all over the country is program that every Nigerians will celebrate about.

The settlement secretary made his point known during sunrise daily program hosted by channel television, where he revealed that once the programme to establish ranches is successful, Nigerians would fully enjoy the benefits of animals husbandry.

The Macban secretary further revealed that the vice president of Nigeria, the office of Yemi Osibanjo is assisting the herdsmen in ensuring the RUGA settlements across the country is successful.

The secretary further blast the effort of southern socio cultural groups (Afenifere, Ohaneze Ndigbo and middle belt forum) who have rejected the Ruga initiative.

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Ngelzerma said that it’s not only Fulani men were herders, there are many tribes in it that’s why everyone should know that all tribes would benefit once achieved.

When ask if it was right for government to use taxpayers money and sponsor what would benefit the herdersmen alone, he argued that farmers had similarly benefited from the past unlike now.

RUGA settlement model is a major part of the livestock development and transformation idea that is been implemented through the office of vice president, yes it’s component part of it, he replied to question.

Everyone must agree with me that the crisis we are having today in this country has turn out to multi dimensional one and the best way to approach it is through unification.

The federal government led by mohammadu Buhari desired to take holistic approach that will give birth to the RUGA settlement model and its not only for Fulani herders.

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Ngelzerma said the Ruga settlements for herdsmen which are being considered by President Muhammadu Buhari was the responsibility of the government.

The APC-led government came up with the idea as one of the solutions to end the incessant herdsmen and farmers clash in some parts of the country.

The idea which has been condemned by the majority of the governors in the South South and South East is seen as a systematic way of “colonising” other parts of Nigeria but the Macban secretary insist otherwise.

He said that they like the Ruga settlements to roads and other social amenities which are provided by the government.

The settlement is one of the responsibilities of the government. We believe that anyone can’t take over any land in any state in Nigeria without the consent of the state governors. But the state governors can also work out a plan to commercialise it, he said.

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Apart from the ruga settlement, another issue that has dominated public discussion is the granting of operating licence by the National Broadcasting Commission for a proposed Fulani radio.

Nigerians and several groups like the Midwest Movement, an Edo/Delta group, said the plan should be implemented in areas and lands that belong to the herdsmen.

Ngelzerma further pointed that coming to Southern kaduna, there are natives who are also herders, same to plateau state there are many groups that are herders.

The plan was intended for the herders as part of efforts by the government to step up with economic model of solving crisis in the country which vice president Osibanjo is aware about.

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