Why You Should Vote For Okoh Bartholomew Ebuka As NYCN Chairman Enugu State

My Name is Okoh Bartholomew Ebuka,
The CEO Barth Special Agro.

My aspiration to become the State Chairman of the National Youth Council of Nigeria is born out of the desire to introduce some modifications to the working of NYCN Enugu State chapter.
The National Youth Council of Nigeria is the umbrella body of youths across the country, It provides a very big platform for engagement through which youth issues can properly be addressed.

With NYCN, we intend to unite the Enugu youths under one umbrella where we will speak in unison and engage the system for the betterment of all. I believe that given this opportunity, I would consolidate on existing structures and build a more effective and all-inclusive NYCN that will be the cynosure of all.

The Council over the years has been the direct conduit between the youths and government, it has stood to represent the interest of the youths in all fora and at every given instance.
As at this moment, the Council is being standardized to meet up with the emerging challenges faced by young people.
However, NYCN being the umbrella body of all youths and youth organizations in the country has a very vast scope and potentialities, some of which are not adequately being utilized at the moment.
The current State leadership is doing its best as his tenure is about to end, but I believe that there is still much to be done to meet up the expectations of the teaming Enugu youths.
So far, I can say that the Council at this moment is a “work in progress”.

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I am inspired by the number of intelligent young people who are weathering the storm in this our Noble 042, hoping they can make things happen.
But this can only be achieved when we support each other to attain positions of authority where we can influence government policies that will develop the Enugu youth.

I wouldn’t say that Enugu youths haven’t had a visionary leader.
There are young people all over the State who are delivering quality and purposeful leadership at various levels.
Both in the public and private sectors, young men and women are displaying uncommon leadership qualities that are being emulated all over the world.
Nevertheless, what I think we lack as a people is the ability to unite all interests and come together to achieve our common goal.
We have the demography, expertise, and force to make things better for ourselves.
But until we come together to chart a common course, all our efforts at the individual level would only yield limited results.
That is why my campaign team is all centered on “LET’S FIX IT TOGETHER.”

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If I am given the mandate, I and my excos will work to bring everyone on board, charting a new course for the Enugu youth, one which seeks total liberation from mundane colonial mentality to a more united and robust youth front which will be an irresistible force and a determinant factor in a new Enugu where young people will be the epicenter of decision making.

We can archive all these by using influence and resources, we can bring new hope to the lives of our youth through the power of mentoring.
Helping young people face daily challenges, improving young people’s attitudes, encouraging them to stay motivated and focused.
Also, offering young people opportunities to consider new career paths and get much-needed economic skills and knowledge.
And also encourage them to venture into Agriculture which is the most neglected but resourceful aspect of the economy now.
They must also be included in governance and policy development that would help shape their orientation on patriotism and service to their fatherland.
This will help prepare youths for leadership roles.

What Enugu Youth Should Expect if I win?
1, They should expect a total rebirth in the affairs of the Council and indeed the activities of youths across the State.
2, Let’s Fix it together which is my campaign Agenda covers an array of issues concerning the Council in particular and the youths in general.
I intend to Reposition Enugu NYCN for effective Advocacy, engage in massive youth orientation and empowerment, as well as strengthening institutional relationships between the Council and other development partners by bringing all stakeholders on board.

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Message to my co-contestant
It is a thing of Joy seeing 9 of my friends Nelson Greatneche Edeani M Edeani Chisimdi Okoh Austine Jennifer Nnalue Okafor Frank Chigozie Ochi-War Uche Paul Nnaji Xavier Nicole Emeka Mba in the same contest with me.
This shows that it is a family contest no victory no vanquished.
If I didn’t win, I assure you all that Who so ever that emerged will have my total support because I will join hands with the person to fix it together.
I remain Okoh Bartholomew Ebuka, the CEO Barth Special Agro

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