Work For The Party- Oyetola Charges Osun APC Members


In Osun State, Nigeria, there should be no discordant voices any longer in the governing All Progressives Congress (APC) as there should be no member, toxic to the party; and no one or anything else should again be a stubborn bone in the throat of the party. Osun APC is not a house divided against itself any further as no one could act being at war, horn – locked or at each other’s jugular.

And there should be no more dust to generate or instigate any division, heat or rubbish. End of story? Yes or No?

Yes, with the state Governor Gboyega Oyetola’s passionate appeal to all to sheath swords and allow peace, urging the party quarter backs, superintendents, leadership at all levels in the state to work to avoid acts that could tarnish the state’s reputable image. “I call on aggrieved members of Osun APC to embrace reconciliation, dialogue and cooperation in the overall interest of the party,” Oyetola said, also asking the party premiers, leaders across Osun to “work for the party so that it can continue to deliver its progressives ideals to citizens. Those ideals should be paramount to any party faithful and placed over and above all personal interests.”

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Oyetola gave the charge in line with the mood of Osun APC, the governing party in the state which is decisively against self – splitting, acting invasion of party state secretariat or hard criminality by assassination plot, annihilation tendency. The charge speaks to strengthening peace and democracy in Osun, a gentleman’s charge from the state’s helmsman, noted for his forthrightness. He took up the gunlet, with firm grips on the horn of the bull, calling on everyone in the party to turn a new leaf and flag the party away from working against itself.

Like the doctrine of necessity, Oyetola’s charge or call is the most important item for the moment on the agenda of the party in the state, to bring back on course the Osun APC faithful who have been on laid-back altitude; two, to put paid to any behind-the -scenes vicious political maneuvering and save the party’s apple cart from any upset.

Three, to return love and respect to the party in the state and earn it its numerical strength advantage; four, to institute the mantra, ‘party leaders, party members are the party’s trustees,’ on same wavelength of the party electoral spectrum to remove any malfunctioning; and five, to provide incentive basis for the co-articulation of a roadmap for the party’s winning fortunes at the next governorship poll in Osun.

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Analysis of Oyetola’s charge has not put him up as one on propaganda elevator; the charge is, instead, impressing that the battery of the APC faithful should drive the party’s collective action in the actualization of his charge to roll the state APC to flying along the trajectory of peace, unity and further progress,

The charge is not anything to generate any such sinister reactions as hole – and – corner lies, surreptitious manipulations, under handed gruesome attacks, assassination or annihilation plot; the charge in its simplicity is rather to douse sensations, vibrations of wicked, dangerous intrigues and weirdly disharmony from degenerated intra-party politics and politicking with grave consequences. An implosion? To trip over the cliff?

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Oyetola knows, democracy is not about anarchy; he constantly also understands that democracy is about freedom to criticize and any such genuinely constructive criticisms cannot go for opposition. By that logic, his call on the party cardinals and members to work for the party, is gaining flesh and blood, roundly applauded, without hiccups, and building an interwoven top-bottom, bottom-top approach to internal democracy, political clouts with or without edges, and the dialectics of opposites- the albatross of partisanship across political parties in a democracy, globally.

( To be continued )

OLUSESI is Assistant Director, Directorate of Publicity, Research & Strategy All Progressives Congress (APC) State of Osun

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