Years Ago, Fuel Was Sold At N280 Per Litre – Lauretta Onochie

The Special Assistant to the president on Social Media, Lauretta Onochie, has given her opinion on the fuel price hike by the Nigerian government. According to her, few years ago she returned to see her family in Delta State and fuel was being sold at N280 per litre.

At the fuel station, the attend told her that the price of fuel was N280 per litre but instead of buying immediately like everyone else she demanded to see an official receipt before she would buy at that price.

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Lauretta Onochie said she was surprised by the price hike which is why she demanded for an official receipt. She said immediately the attend told her that price she knew it was time to be clever and creative or get cheated.

When the fuel attendant refused to present an official receipt, she demanded to see the manager of the station. Meanwhile, other people that queued up to purchase petrol was already abusing her for delaying them. But, that didn’t prevent her from doing what she believed was right, which is seeing an official receipt before making purchase.

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She said that, the manager also refused to present the official receipt but eventually agreed that she would be allowed to buy at an official price. Lauretta Said she refused, insisting that everyone present must by at an official price.

Lauretta said Nigerians loves to be cheated, which is why they would pay for petrol without demanding to see the official price list. She advised Nigerians to always demand for official receipt before buying petroleum.

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She said this because of the backlash the government received after it was announced that the price of fuel has been increased to N212 per litre. Lauretta Onochie said that, Nigerians love to lash out on the government instead of standing up for their rights.

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