₦212 Fuel Price Hike: Calm Down Your Excellency -Senator Shehu Sanni Responds To The Recent Statement Of Wike

Shehu Sanni wike

There is a controversy surrounding the increase in the price of Petroleum in the country. It’s noteworthy that the government hasn’t officially announced the increase of fuel price but it’s pretty sad that petrol stations across the country have already increased their price.

How would the Government regulate the price and tell every stations to maintain the normal price of petrol? That’s one question no one can respond to as we await the decision of Federal Government towards this.

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Governor of River’s State, Wike has reacted to the current situation of petrol price in the country. He said: Look at what’s happening. There’s increase in fuel pump price, insecurity, and increase of electricity tariff. Where is labour? Where is TUC, where is NLC? The only thing I hear is the increase of minimum wage”.

Senator Shehu Sanni has felt the need to react to this statement. According to him, Governor Wike needs to calm down. It all shows the Eastern Governor is frustrated about the recent situation in the country. However, NLC and TUC can’t be called into this matter. The primary assignment of those organisation is to make life better for their members.

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