10 Major Problems That Is Facing The Nation Nigeria For The Past 60 Years

nigeria @ 60

Nigeria is a west african country that got its independence on the 1st of October 1960 from great Britain .This was a very joyful period for many nigerians. But ever since its independence nigeria has faced untold hardship from civil war to famine to recession to political and economic crises,and also religious crises. Nigeria with its vast amount of natural resources has the capacity to be a massive super power but due to its many problem, it has been the opposite.
So we are going to see the top ten major problems that has pinned the giant of Africa to the wall

1)CORRUPTION:this word is no longer new to any nigerian. Every country in the world has it own fair share of corrupt people but the one in nigeria is totally out of control. Corruption has eaten so deep into the Nigerian society. This problem can be seen in virtually every sector of the country. From the government to the military to the economy to the rich and to the local man in the streets.This problem has hindered nigeria from achieving any reasonable feat.

2)BAD GOVERNANCE:This has caused a lot of avoid able problems and challenges in the nation. When unqualified people are brought into power, it leads to bad governance. Imagine a country with over 200 million people with leaders and they can’t provided good schools(so they send their own children abroad), they can’t provided a good medicare(so they go abroad for treatment). Is that not self deception?
Well sadly, this is the kind of people we have as leaders.

3)RELIGIOUS AND TRIBAL DIFFERENCES:This has been a very great challenge to this counry as the citizens of this country has not been able to overlook its religious differences. Jobs, admission into military or school and all other juicy opportunities are no longer granted by merit but by your religion and tribe. This has gone a long way to stop the nation from achieving nationhood, as tribalism and nepotism is the order of the day. What is the remedy to this disease? I think we have a great lesson to learn from little children, they don’t choose friends based on tribe and religion

4)ILLITERACY:This is another parasite that has sucked the country dry. When the masses are ignorant about national issues, how can they be patriotic? When most of the citizens are illiterates there is every probability that we’ll have illiterates as leaders, why? Because nigerians are the leaders of nigerians[democracy]. When we have illiterates as leaders,expect back to back disgrace and embarrassment.

5)NIGERIA WAS NOT BUILT ON A SOLID FOUNDATION:Someone said, “nigeria was not built by nigerians, it was another group of people that created the nation for their selfish interest”. This nation was not laid on a good foundation.how can we be as a nation, no goal no objective no vision and no aspiration?

6)POLITICAL APATHY:as little and harmless as it sounds, this canker worm has eaten this nation to a pitiable state. Lack of interest towards the political affairs of the country.when it’s time for election, good people will not contest or come out to choose the right candidate because of the number one issue, corruption, they feel their votes will not count.do you know there are millions of nigëriëns in the north under the disguise of our Hausa brothers who are illegally here in the country but have their voters card ready to cast their ballots come election and will eventually transfer power into those who will satisfy there selfish interest? while you sit at home and expect the right people to be in power? Wake up!

7)GREED AND POVERTY:this is a very great problem in the nation. As you know nigeria is the poverty capital of the world with over 50% of its population living in extreme poverty.This has increased crime rate and we have greedy people who can sell the whole future of this nation for personal gain. Sad!

8 )TERRORISM:we all know how terrorist and security issues have compounded problems in this nation as millions are forced to flee home and many children are no longer schooling. Which has given nigeria a wrong title of having the most out of school children on the entire planet. Sighs! two more to go

9)DISUNITY:Nigerians are not united,we let tribe, religion, opinions and worst, we let what is happening in other nations come between our way. This is not right.
for united we stand and divided, we fall

10)THE PEOPLE’S MENTALITY:finally, this is one of our greatest problem, our mentality.
we walk on bad roads
we receive poor medication
we suffer in the hands of those meant to protect us
we go to quack schools
receive quack education
and it seems like every one is happy the way things are going.
Nobody seems to want a change.
Is it that we are used to all these?

All these has to stop.
enough is enough
In conclusion, after seeing all these, you pray, plan and work or you prepare for the worst ahead.

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