2019 Poll: After Good Effort Gov Obiano And APGA Pay Ifeanyi Uba Back With Evil

This is wickedness.

Paying good with evil.

Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah staked everything to ensure Obiano won his November 18 governorship election. He was harassed and arrested by DSS.

He introduced Afa Igbo Efuna and dragged our people into the project and at last it was 21/21.

But look at how the agents of APGA and state govt are destroying all his bill boards and campaign materials.

Paying good with evil.

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The chief Executive called Jude Emecheta of Anambra State Signage and Advertisement Agency and asked him to destroy all the billboards of Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah and YPP in Anambra south senatorial zone.

On intercepting the information, AIF Media exposed it and alerted the public. But they went ahead to destroy them.

Ndi Anambra south, pay APGA back with your PVC on Saturday, February 23. Vote against all APGA candidates.

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It is one man, his wife and the cartel against the people. Say NO to Dictatorship.

Evil now reigns in APGA.

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