2019 Poll: Trump Attack Buhari Again Says Nigerians Live Most not Be In Danger

The American President Donald J Trump has again attack the Nigerian president Mohammadu Buhari and the Nigeria INEC for postponding the presidential general election on the same day of the election.

Donald Trump who made this statement in a conclave today 16-02-2019 says, president Buhari and his Inec officials are making plans to rig the election.

Trump has also pleaded to Buhari, saying, he should not put the lives of Nigerians in danger. “Trump also speaks on the presidential election that was postponed adding that, it is a shame for a country to postpone the presidential election on the same day and date of the election”.

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According to Trump, Buhari is the most corrupt president and heartless leader, adding that Nigerians should vote out a lifeless man out of power to have a better life. However the American president Trump haven’t made any clear intention of whom he is supporting or to win the Nigeria presidential seat.

Trump urged Buhari to accept defeat If the result happens not to be favourable to him and not to put the lives of Nigerians in danger’, adding that0 Buhari should act responsible as the former Nigerian president did Godluck Jonathan.

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THEWATCH NEWS gathered that president Mohammadu Buhari has however bragged on national TV saying that, nobody will unseat him.

In an interview with CNN/ THEWATCH NEWS TV, Buhari, who will be contesting under the All Progressives Congress (APC), expressed his confidence at returning for a second term.

“No, nobody will unseat me,” he replied angrily to the journalists.

The president was also asked if he has stamina for another four years, to which he responded: “Yes, I am ready for it and nobody can stop me”.

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