2020: Ndi-Igbo United Forum New Year Message To Nigerians

Office of the Acting President General Ndi-Igbo United Forum(NUF)world wide.
Good will message, year 2020 to Nd-Igbo in Nigeria and world wide.

2019 was a remarkable year, full of challenges for ndi Igbo as a nation state. Security of lives and properties became our major challenge in Nigeria, south Africa and lately Ghana.

We are merchants by nature and that takes us to many places home and abroad.

YOU are advised to be at alert and place security as an important enabular in your business environment.

2019 was an election year in Nigeria. Even after the elections, the political atmosphere has been on the edge. The issue of the 2023 presidential election has taken a centre stage. The Igbo nation lost out completely at the centre, as we are not adquatly represented as one of the third major components of the Nigerian Project.The issue of national character has been jettisoned.This situation must change forthwith!

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All these factors, and more, above, combined to make 2019 a tough year business wise for Ndi-Igbo. It is hoped that 2020 will oblige us with a better business climate. Whatwith the timely passage of the national budget and the new promise for better implementation.

We are proud of our sons and daughters who have distinguished themselves in their various callings; the governors, the ministers, the senators and members of the house of reps, captains of industries and top flight business men and women all over the world.

We pray for peace, love and understanding amongs you and your neighbors especially in 2020 and beyond. It is only in the atmosphere of peace and love that we could pursue our rights and privileges, which includes but not limited to our turn to be president of this country.

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The Yorubas (West)have taken 8 years.The Hausas (North) will complete eleven years in 2023.

It is now the turn of the Igbos, let no body test nature. It’s our insensitivity that led to Bokoharam , herdsmen attacks banditary and kidnappings in this country.

President Yardua’s instrument (amnesty)that cooled the Niger delta _brouhaha_was DIALOGUE .

By the time you deny, giving a child, his turn, it may lead to protest, disunity, disaffection, disillusion, restivenes, rumbbling and even hate _speeche hosts
Lest we forget, as a nation we placated the Yorubas in 1999, when the two major political parties fielded Yoruba candidates which led to Obasanjo’s Presidency for eight years. It is on record that OBJ even lost in his Local Government Area, but most Nigerians voted him into office.

President Jonathan was elected by Nigerians to assuade the restivenes of the South south, which is not as populated as the South East.

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With this singular move the whole fighting war groups in the Niger Delta , melted like ice blocks.

We hereby admonish Ndi-Igbo to improve their relationship with thier host and neighbors.

*Finally *wewish toappeal*to *the* twomajor* political partiesAPC and PDP inNigeria* **politica *space* todo the needfulby* presenting *their* *candidates *from* *the *Igbo* *extractio, *so*as to *facilitate the *possibility *of* *the *Igbo* becomingthe* Nigeria President , come 2023.This*
will be in consonance withthe principles of equity , natural justice , good conscience , * daliquate and dabaness

Happy and prosperous New year Nigeria!

Happy and prosperous New year Ndi-Igbo world wide!!, Thank you and God bless

Chief Dr Goddy Ezenagu phf , jp , ksc
Acting President General Ndi-Igbo United Forum world wide

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