2020 US Election Results: If You Count the Legal Votes, I Easily Win Says Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Donald Trump has doubled down on unsubstantiated claims his political opponents are trying to rig and steal the US election.

Speaking from the White House, the president said “we can’t allow anyone to silence our voters and manufacture results” – but declined to offer any evidence for his allegations of corruption and wide-scale ballot tampering.

He insisted that “if you count the legal votes, I easily win”, despite no victor having been announced yet and Joe Biden leading in both the Electoral College and the popular vote.

Earlier, Biden declared “each ballot must be counted” and urged people to “stay calm” because “the process is working”.

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He said he felt “very good about where we stand”, adding he had “no doubt” he will be declared the winner.

It comes as five nail-biting races in battleground states remain too close to call.

Biden is just 17 Electoral College votes short of the 270 either candidate needs to clinch the White House.

If he takes Pennsylvania, where Trump is ahead but seeing his lead shrink, that would give Biden 20 more and push him over the line.

If he fails to flip the key state from red to blue, then the remaining races in Georgia, Arizona, North Carolina and Nevada will make for an even tighter election finale.

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On election night, Trump claimed victory before key results had been announced and accused his political opponents of a “fraud on the American public” without providing any evidence, calling for counts in four states to cease.

In his last White House speech in the early hours of Wednesday, the incumbent Republican said he would take his case to the Supreme Court.

Trump’s son, Donald Jr, has called for him to “go to total war” over the “cheating” – again unsubstantiated – “that has been going on for far too long”.

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The president has launched legal action in several states in a bid to halt counting, but had one bid denied in Michigan.

In Nevada, more results are not expected until tomorrow.

In Pennsylvania, secretary of state Kathy Boockvar said “the overwhelming majority of ballots will be counted by Friday”.

She also denied there was any evidence of voter fraud apart from one case of a man trying to get a ballot for a deceased relative that was discovered several weeks ago.

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