2023: Igbo Presidency Will Bring Total Unification Of Nigeria – Chief Mbah

Chief Chinedu Mbah
Chief Chinedu Mbah

The Chairman Board of Trustee, Ndi-gbo United Forum (NUF) Worldwide a sociopolitical organization, Chief Chinedu Mbah has insisted that allowing president of Igbo extraction will not only bring peace but ensure total unification of Nigeria.

Chief Chinedu Mbah noted that other tribes in Nigeria such as the Yoruba, Hausa and others have tested the political power in this context, according to him, equity, equality and fairness in the political power sharing formula will not only enhance development but straightened democracy in the country.

He stated this while briefing Journalists at his residence in Enugu State, urging Ndigbo to involve themselves in the country’s political process and participation as that would help the region to achieve its desired goals.

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The Chairman of Ndi-gbo United Forum , (NUF), who does not subscriber to Biafra agitation or division of the country said, “We are part of Nigeria and in 2023 I believe Igbo man will emerge as the President of the federal republic of Nigeria”.

NUF Chairman world wide disagreed with the philosophy of the Ohanaeze President general, Chief John Nine Nwodo on power sharing saying, “I believe in political power sharing, turn by turn and with that you will find out that there will be peace in Nigeria”.

Chief Mbah who also agreed that rotation of political power or presidency is not contained in the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria but said the NUF Will continue to work assiduously towards uniting the Igbo’s all over the world and hopefully they will all come back home to get their voters card which is Paramount importance to the said elections.

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He also affirmed that Ndi-gbo United Forum (NUF) has the plans to achieve it because, ” For one to became a member of the forum, the person must have a voters card. It is the vote that we are talking about and a vote of ordinary man in the street can make somebody a President “.

“We have our Igbo brothers and sisters in Lagos, Kano, Kaduna all parts of the country. We have them in the west, in the north, South and in the east in fact all over the world”

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“Any political party that elected Igbo man as its presidential candidate, Ndi-gbo United Forum, NUF Will mobilize our brothers and sisters all over the world to ensure that the party wins the election”.

While reacting on the political consultation, he said NUF has been reaching out to other big players in the country such as Edwin Clark in the south south, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo in the south West and many others in the northern Nigeria.

Also he affirmed that his organization is focused, committed and optimistic that their dreams and aspirations will surely be actualized, Mbah stated.

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