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The attention of NDI-IGBO UNITED FORUM (NUF) WORLDWIDE has been drawn to various vituperative, wasteful and vain utterances of one northern politician said to be a second republic lawmaker. Most recent of such uncouth diarrheic vomit was a divisive statement credited to him in support of his preference to Senator Ahmed Tinubu’s Presidency in 2023 instead of an Igboman.
A quick check reveals that this Niger Republic migrant has not hidden his acute hatred for the Igbo tribe coupled with his inordinate penchant for undeserved publicity incurable distorted reasoning
In 2012, one Russian Trained Doctor turned bigot called Dr Junaid Mohammed said Igbo Presidency not feasible in 2015. He spoke vainly like a Presidency maker.
In October 2017, same man uninvitedly declared that Igboman cannot be President in 2019. Not done yet, in the wake of IPOB attack on Senator Ike Ekweremadu in August 2019, same Junaid used the platform again to unleash his contaminated venom on Igbos saying that Igbos can’t be trusted with Presidency. What’s the relationship between the attack and Igbo Presidency if I may ask?
Most recently, the barking dog that has lost control best considered as author of confusion and monumental burden to Nigeria, Junaid lost his balance as a balanced personality. He fell short of fueling the battle between Osibanjo and Tinubu in a subterranean manner. NUF wouldn’t have bothered with his busy body like a professional prostitute boldly positioned on a busy road seeking for devourers but we got involved by saying that “I will rather have Tinubu as President than have an Igbo…..because they are ambitious.
These are some catalogue of such statements credited to this claimed Nigerian living, dreaming and dreading Igboland and Igboman. It’s worrisome that a man as young as Junaid cannot learn and talk like respected statesmen. What has IPOB attack on Ekweremadu got to do with Mohammed. Has his Boko haram children and grandchildren in the North listened to his call to end insurgency that’s threatening the cooperate existence of Nigeria with avalanche of attacks that has given birth to IDPs? Didn’t Nigerians especially North vote President Buhari even in the face of coordinated terrorist attacks? Why use the occasion of IPOB attack on one of their own to bully a race? Who has bullied the North even in the act of unprovoked attacks on Nigerians by a group with roots in the North?
Junaid would have ended his 2023 pontification on his choice candidate without drawing Igbo into his unfortunate hate speech and analogy. Gladly the unchained Junaid used the single pronoun “I” meaning he spoke for himself only and not for the Northerners given the fact that several respected Northern Nigerians have spoken in support of 2023 Igbo Presidency. A thousand Junaid can’t punctuate the emerging wave of the Nigerian President of Igbo extraction. Junaid is equally mischievous because he just pitched Osibanjo against Tinubu. That alone, is an “unfatherly” act.
On the unfathomed excuse that Igbos are ambitious, we submit and accept with all trappings that we are ambitious. Ambition drives hard work, performance and results. Junaid was ambitious to have studied in Russia. Not satisfied as a doctor, ambition pushed him in as a lawmaker. However, his present ambition of not seeing an Igboman become President will end in futility and self destruction. When it happen, we shall be glad to read an epitaph in his tomb that says, “here was man who shamefully and effortlessly fought a destined race against producing President of Nigeria and committed suicide when the race won the Presidency.”

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To avert this catastrophic self destructive tendency, first, the Northern Leaders and respected elders should visit Dr Junaid Mohammed and call him to order unless he’s speaking their minds. Furthermore, his children should consider the option of counselling their father so as to punctuate his unsolicited views and save them the opprobrium of disgrace. The Northern Youths should have reasons now to caution their grandfather to tame his tongue to avoid pitching them and their glorious posterity against other tribes in a country where all tribes and race have equal rights and privileges.
When all these fail, NDI-IGBO UNTED FORUM (NUF) WORLDWIDE would engage a team of medical doctors from Nigeria and Russia to reexamine his mental status because of his sworn disdain for Igbos. NUF can no longer fold it’s arms and watch a misfit insult a whole race again notwithstanding our non violate posture. We want to tell Junaid and his likes that are in minority that when the chips are down, Ndi-Igbo will relegate party affiliations to the background and pursue common Igbo interest. Someone should visit him and sound it clear to him that the fragile Ndi-Igbo bloc he used to know is gone and buried as we have a united and indivisible race committed to actualizing this mandate. We enjoin well meaning brothers and sisters from other zones and especially the North to support Ndi-Igbo ahead of 2023. Our collective ambition as a country desperate to have a country built around justice, equity and fairness is same ambitious disposition we have in NUF.

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God bless Nigeria.

Mazi Agodi KANU
Secretary General, NUF.

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