2023: North Central Should Be Given The Opportunity To Rule Nigeria – Yabagi

2023 election

The Southern Governors met in Lagos yesterday Monday 5th July to discuss about Department of State Security invading Sunday Igboho House and Open Grazing law. The 17 governors converged in Lagos State for en emergency meeting. The Southern Governors met to discuss some trending issues concerning them. This is the second meeting of the southern governors. The Southern Governors second meeting was in Lagos, South West of Nigeria..Lagos has been taken as the Southern Governors Secretariat. The meeting of 17 Governors in the South West has caused fears and Anxiety to the Northerns.

Sanni Yabagi is a man from the North. He was interviewed today by Sheu. The channel TV man asked him about his takes on the meeting of Southern Governors.Sani Yabagi is the Chairman ADP. He spoke extensively. He accused the South governors of ganging up against The North. He said the resolution by the South Governors is just to gang up against the North. They know the President Muhamadu Buhari is from the North. The South Governors have warned the security operatives to inform them before taking or arresting in anyone in their State. This was prior to DSS Operatives actions in Sunday Adeyemo house.

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Sanni Yabagi said the North will decide who will be the next president. North has the highest population. They will endure whoever comes from the South. This was prior to the resolution of the the southern Governors that the next president must come from South. Sanni Yabagi said North Central has not produced any president during the Democratic era. They may have been head of state during the military era. He said everyone has tasted that..He said if we want to talk about fairness, North Central should produce the next president comes 2023.

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Sanni Yabagi also responded to South Governors giving the presidency September 1st for planned promulgation of anti-open grazing law. He said those governors are not different from Sunday Igboho and Kanu. They were giving President Ultimatum. Sani made it known that they ought to support Presidency..

He made it known that Southern Governors are ganging up against the North

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