2023 Presidency: PDP group calls for zoning

The recommendation that the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP should throw the race for its 2023 Presidential ticket open to all Nigerians has been opposed by a pressure group.

A review committee led by Governor Bala Mohammed of Bauchi State made the recommendation in it’s report last week.

In a reaction at the weekend, a group, PDP Youth Vanguard berated the committee for not considering the interest of zones yet to benefit from zoning in its

The group in a statement by its National Chairman, James Efe Akpofure, said the recommendation is inimical to the unity of the party.

The group said it is selfish of the committee to have thrown open the ticket, adding that the other zones that have not tasted it will not be happy, as such action is not for the good of the party.

The PDP Youth Vanguard said: “The message our party is sending out by this recommendation will either help or destroy us. We should be mindful of the feelings of other members before adopting any recommendations.

“We advise the party leadership not to adopt the recommendation as such development will have adverse effect on the party in 2023.

“Our party should think very well before it takes position on the presidential ticket. Our action will determine where we are going in 2023. Whether we will make progress or not in 2023 will be determined by the decision we take ahead of 2023.”

The Committee, in its recommendation submitted to the party leadership on Wednesday, said: “In line with certain unwritten conventions of the nation’s history, many people think that, for fairness and equity, the North East and South East geo-political zones that have had the shortest stints at the Presidency, should be given special consideration, in choosing the presidential flag bearer of the party, for the 2023 elections.

“While we admit that this is a strong argument, we should not lose sight of the fact that Nigeria is endowed with many capable and very experienced leaders in every part of the country.

“Moreover, the exigencies of the moment demand that nothing should be compromised in choosing the leader, with the attributes to disentangle the country from the present quagmire.

“Therefore, we think that every Nigerian, from every part of the country, should be given the opportunity to choose the best candidate, through a credible primary election; as a way of institutionalizing a merit-based leadership recruitment process for the country.”

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