“Mohbad’s mother and Wunmi are both Harlots” – singer’s aunt furiously allege(Video)

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A relative of Mohbad’s father has made startling claims on why the late singer’s mother abandoned her children for many years and her major reason for supporting Wunmi.

There have been claims that Mohbad’s mother left him as a child and his father was responsible for his welfare.

The late singer’s father confirmed that it is true and the singer made reference to it according to the lyrics of one of his songs, “Sorry,” saying, “10 years I no see mummy.”

According to the unnamed paternal aunt of the Demised singer, Mohbad’s mother had an affair and became pregnant for a different man. This, in her opinion, was the cause of the Mohbad family’s breakup.

Mohbad’s aunt further claimed the singer’s mother slept around and adding that that is the reason she and Wunmi are close. She speculated that Mohbad’s wife was also sleeping around. In her words:

“She left all the children. when those children were 2, 3 years, Mohbad was 8 years when this stupid useless woman called Iya Mohbad, when she left and got impregnated by another man.That’s why she and Wunmi are close and understand themselves. They are the same. They don’t know how to say no, always yes. If a goat comes you spread your legs, if it’s a sheep, it’s the same, it enters; that is whom the two of you are.”

Watch her speak below:

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