Verydarkman addresses the reports of Mr Ibu’s wife arresting Jasmine, stepsons over donation

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Social media influencer, Martins Vincent Otse, popularly known as VeryDarkMan, has addressed the reports of the Ailing actor, Mr Ibu’s wife’s war with her stepsons and his adopted daughter, Jasmine, over the millions donated for his treatment.

According to recent reports by actress Doris Ogala, Stella arrested Jasmine and Ibu’s sons for taking N300m out of the money meant for his treatment.Jasmine and her team are allegedly detained at Alagbon station, Lagos, and this comes after Mr Ibu;s wife called out Jasmine, alleging fraud and embezzlement.

Doris Ogala also reported that the actor’s wife had earlier requested that a new house be bought for her from the contributed funds for her husband’s treatment.

In a swift reaction, Verydarkman, deeply immersed in Mr. Ibu’s health journey by rallying for donations and making hospital visits, has now taken to Instagram.

He delved into the reported arrest in new video, inserted his perspective into the unfolding narrative.

Expressing astonishment, Verydarkman voiced his surprise that the funds amassed for Mr. Ibu’s well-being have soared to N300 million.

He raised eyebrows at the family’s decision to keep this information away from the public, all the while permitting the ongoing inflow of donations.In his analysis, Verydarkman pointed out that the family’s move to extract N300 million implies that the total donations have surpassed half a billion naira.

Stressing that such a sum should be ample for Mr. Ibu’s healthcare, he urged his followers to cease donating, cautioning against inadvertently enriching the family through the ongoing contribution process.

Verydarkman strongly asserted that Mr. Ibu’s family, particularly his wife, appears to prioritize the donated funds over the well-being of the ailing actor.He pledged to refrain from using his platform to seek funds for the time being, leaving the door open for a potential change of stance in the future.

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