According To Findings From A New Study, Having An Affair Is Good For Marriages

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A poll of 1,400 self-confessed love cheats found that 72% said their relationship with their husband or wife had “improved dramatically” since they started an affair.

A total of 52% even said their sex lives with their spouse had seen an uptick since they started cheating on them.

Some said that rather than having intercourse just once or twice-a-month with their partner, they did so up to six times a month, three times more than usual.

At the same time they were romping with their secret lover at least six times a month.

The study by extramarital dating site found that nine-in-ten of those polled who were having a fling admitted still having sex with their partner.

Asked if their relationship had been “better” since they started an affair, 72% said it had “improved dramatically”, 2% said it had become worse and 26% said there was no noticeable change.

Asked if they had more or less sex with their partner since starting an affair, 52% said they did, with just 23% saying they had less sex, and 25% saying it stayed around the same.

A spokeswoman for Illicit Encounters said: “We polled 1,400 married members to see what effect having an affair has had on their relationship at home. We found that 72% of married people say they’re happier in their marriage since starting an affair, and of those, 52% said they’re actually having more sex than ever with their spouses.”

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