“I have not started benefiting from music financially” – Whitemoney

In a latest interview with BBC Igbo, Whitemoney, the winner of BBNaija season 6, surprised fans and critics alike with his intuitiom into his music career.

The reality star and self-proclaimed singer shared that, as of now, music streaming hasn’t proven to be a lucrative avenue for him,

Whitemoney expressed his dedication to transmitting a powerful message courtesy of his songs, stressing that while he may lack what some consider a ‘fine’ voice, his focus is on delivering meaningful content rather than succumbing to conventional standards.

“The truth is singing has not started paying me; I do not get money from streaming, but I get money from performances. I do not have the best voice but I have a message and melody,” he said during the interview.

The reality star turned musician admitted the scrutiny he receives, including from those hired to evaluate his work.

However, he made it clear that his style is not intended to please everyone or cater to external opinions, especially from those who neither support nor finance his musical journey.

“People criticise me, even those paid to criticise me. What you need to know is that I do not sing to make you feel fine or please you because you do not feed me or fund my musical career,” Whitemoney concluded.

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