Yhemolee defends himself from the viral accusations that he hit rapper, Lil frosh

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Nightlife enthusiast, Yhemolee, finally comes online to address the recent allegation of brutality and bullying laid by rapper, Lil frosh.

We recall that Lil frosh recently called out Yhemolee over bullying at the night bar, all because he didn’t greet the latter.

He took to his Instagram page and announced to the world what transpired between them. Accompanying, is a live session to warn Yhemolee off his back in the nearest future.

Fast forward, Yhemolee has now stepped forward to rebuff all of those accusations and has come out to file lawsuit against Davido’s ex signee.

He also indicated how he has received death threat from unknown people, coupled with official letters from his lawyer. Signaling an awaiting lawsuit against the rapper.

See tweet below:

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