“I love you, will you marry me?” – Opeyemi Falegan admires Linda Ikeji

Ekiti politician, Opeyemi Falegan has boldly confessed love for popular Nigerian blogger Linda Ikeji.

The revelation came after Ikeji posted a captivating Instagram post showcasing her in an elegant black outfit that accentuated her long legs.

Falegan, who is also known for his past relationship with Nollywood actress Opeyemi Falegan, firmly expressed his admiration for Ikeji’s beauty and grace.

His social media post took a bold step as he playfully proposed marriage, urging Ikeji to “come to daddy.”

Linda Ikeji, known for her discretion and professionalism, has yet to react to these unexpected and direct advances.

This public declaration of love trails Opeyemi Falegan’s recent brooding on parent-child relationships, particularly in the context of financial support.

Notably, he brought attention to the relationship between Mohbad, the popular artist, and his father.

Opeyemi highlighted the stark contrast between Mohbad’s successful and affluent lifestyle and the apparent challenges faced by his father.

Despite Mohbad’s financial success and acclaim, his father’s current condition raises questions about the level of support provided.

This observation led Opeyemi to ponder whether a parent’s dedication and sacrifice always guarantee care or gratitude from their children in later years.

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