USA Rapper, Kasher Quon talks about scamming a surgeon till he almost committed suicide (Video)

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Rapper Kasher Quon has confessed he once drove a doctor to the tail of taking his own life after defrauding him two hundred times while posing as an IRS agent.

The Detroit-based artist, who has albums titled ‘Scam Jesus’ and ‘Scam Likely’ in his career, made the remarks during a recent appearance on a podcast.

‘I scammed this man 200 times, no over exaggeration, 200 times. For two years straight, he lost his job, his wife divorced him,’ Quon said.

Bro, this s**t is real. This shit is really real. This man lost his wife, he damn near tried to slit his wrists.

‘He went to the hospital and sent me a picture of him trying to slice his arm because I am taking all his cash.’

Watch video below:

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