“Why Female Actresses Don’t Beg For Financial Aid” – Actor, Etim Effiong

Daniel Etim Effiong, the Nollywood actor, has given an explanation to why female thespians don’t beg the public for financial assistance like their male counterparts.

He said the society is designed in a way that “men are quick to rise to women’s needs” but when a man has problems, he solves them singlehandedly until he reaches his limits and then resolves to seek public assistance.

Effiong added that a woman’s money is largely for herself, but a man’s money is for his entire family.

The actor was recently featured on the Bahd And Boujee Podcast co-hosted by actress Moet Abebe and reality star Tolanibaj.

The co-host, Moet asked: “Why is it mostly male actors that come online to ask for crowdfunding?”

Effiong replied: “Traditionally, in the society that we all exist in, women have been largely men’s responsibility. So whenever there is a problem with the woman, men are quick to rise up to the occasion and meet that need or solve that problem.

“Whatever culture you come from in Nigeria, it would be a taboo to the men when the women in that culture have a problem and the men are not solving it. So, if you flip that, the converse of that is when the men have issues, the men need to solve the issues.

“Women are not going to rise up to solve the issues for men largely. Men have to sort themselves out. And when a man reaches a point where he can not solve his problems, he is not going to go to a woman, he is going to go to the world and be like, ‘Guys, I’ve reached my limit. I cannot help myself, come help me.’”

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