Socialite, Yhemolee, becomes suicidal after allege bullying of Lil frosh goes viral

Nigeria’s nightlife star, Yhemolee, is attempting to take his own life over the viral alleged brutality of Davido’s ex signee, Lil frosh, as claimed by the rapper.

Yhemolee few days ago came out to deny the viral news of his Lil Frosh’s brutality with some litigations against Lil frosh as he slammed a 500 million lawsuit against the rapper.

Moments later, Lil frosh retaliated his own lawsuit on him.

In a turn of event, it has now become a news that Yhemolee is suicidal and he’s attempting to take his own life through infliction.

This was made known through his best friend, named Whitelion who sent series of proofs that suggests his suicidal tendencies.

Whitelion revealed the ongoing brawl led to a physical between him and Yhemolee. One of the photo in the story saw Yhemolee’s eyes looking swollen and red.

In another photo,  he made several attempts of denying the false bullying of Lil frosh, but it all came to futility as no one believed him still.

Yhemolee swore he never laid hands on anyone  particularly Lil frosh neither his security personnels touched him.

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