Abuja indigenes pledges support for Wike, reject calls for sack, resignation


The Nigerian Patriotic Forum, representing Abuja indigenes, has vehemently opposed calls for the removal of Nyesom Wike from his position as the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

This reaction follows the recent demand by the Network of Civil Societies for Economic Sustainability, urging Wike to resign from his role.

The group expressed its firm stance against the call for Nyesom Wike’s resignation or dismissal, stating allegations of lacking the necessary character for his office in a government committed to restoring hope for Nigerians.

In a media address held on Thursday in Abuja, Aliyu Sani, Chairman of the Nigerian Patriotic Forum, led a demonstration at the National Assembly to show solidarity with Wike and to counter what he labeled as “misinformation” in the accusations against the minister.

Sani dismissed the allegations made by the Network of Civil Societies for Economic Sustainability, emphasizing that they were based on misinformation.

He stated, “Nothing can be further from the truth than this well-rehearsed and repeated falsehood.”

Sani clarified that Wike has taken proactive steps to ensure the revalidation of land ownership certificates with new security features.

This initiative includes the introduction of the National Identity Number (NIN) for individuals and the Bank Verification Number (BVN) for corporate bodies.

Sani revealed that since Wike assumed office as the FCT Minister, he has collaborated with the Corporate Affairs Commission, leading to the discovery and prosecution of individuals involved in the allocation of lands through 189 fake companies.

“The Abuja original inhabitants are with him. They will stand by him, and we are ever ready to come out to counter any protest aimed at tarnishing the hard-earned reputation of Wike, thereby dwindling his renewed vigour towards revitalizing the nation’s capital,” Sani declared.

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