“Religion without sense” — Reactions as HR exposes candidate who chose Shiloh over interview

A head of Human Resources has exposed a employment candidate who was scheduled to come in for a work interview, withdrawing because she wanted to attend Shiloh.

The Shiloh is a yearly event that occurs every December at the Living Faith church, popularly called Winners chapel.Explaining to his followers on his Twitter account, @VerbaIPugilist, he narrated how she missed the job opportunity.

Apparently, the candidate had been stipulated for the interview that day but she missed it.The HR official then called her, reminding her of the appointment.

To his greatest surprise she revealed she was at the Shiloh ground and she couldn’t make the interview.

He further added that she was the one who agreed on that date and accepted that she would be able to attend.He admits that the opportunity has now been missed and she would not be getting a role at that organization.

In his words;“Candidate missed their interview today. Called to give them a nudge and she talk say she dey Shiloh.Spectacular stuff.”

Some reactions below@_namedNameless stated: “Blind religion. So unfortunate.”

@neosvy said: “She no even reason say na the prayer dey work so. Kai.”

@Mr_Lu3se wrote: “Make una come hire me. I no dey go church.”

@kawlatokun stated: “It’s not about where the candidate was, it was about having an appointment and not being disciplined enough to properly ask for a postponement if you would not be available. That is the real lesson here and not choosing to go to Shiloh.”

@endurance_kel reacted: “She’s looking forward to giving a spectacular testimony about how she picked Shiloh over an interview and still got the job 😂😂😂”

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