“How my husband proposed to me 4 days after we started dating” – Mary Njoku

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Nollywood actress, Mary-Remmy Njoku has relieved her heart out in a touching tribute to her husband, Jason Njoku, the CEO of Iroko TV.

On her official instagram account, sharing some old pictures, the mother of three revisited their love story and humble beginnings.

In a heartfelt revelation, Mary shared that Jason proposed just four days after they started dating.

She recollected the moment, quoting him saying, ‘I am in love with you, Mary. And if we cross this month, we will be together forever.’ She admitted feeling unsure about such a swift commitment, but Jason was resolute about their future.

She recalled how things weren’t quite rosy at the beginning with a mattress on the floor, a mosquito net on the wall, and shared facilities.

Despite the challenges, Jason finally reaped his unwavering determination and ambitious spirit. Mary admired her husband’s relentless work ethic, emphasizing his belief in making impactful moves.

Mary concluded her heartfelt note by expressing her admiration for ambitious individuals and celebrating Jason’s birthday.

In her words:“We fell in love. Started dating. And in 4 days, HE PROPOSED. ‘I am in love with you Mary. And if we cross this month, we will be together forever’I didn’t know how to respond. 4 days was too early to be thinking of ‘forever’ I guess. But the guy get plans.‘I was born to make the world’s silkiest moves’ He says. Funny, but believed him. He worked tirelessly and I never saw him fall asleep.Though those days were humbling sha. Mattress on the floor. Mosquito net on the wall, No clean running water, shared kitchen with 5 staff, na so person go tie towel go fetch water, staff go dey drag space with am. He had no car yet ( I had 2. So we used mine) But he talked big and worked ‘bigger’. I love AMBITIOUS.#birthdayboynjoku”

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