55 year old Canadian Woman Battling Long COVID Applies For Assisted Su*cide

A 55-year-old Canadian national who has been battling long COVID-19 has now applied for assisted su*cide

Her gruelling bout with long COVID has robbed her of her life savings, the ability to get out of bed and the simple joys of living — forcing her to seek out assisted su*cide, according to a report.

Tracey Thompson from Toronto, applied for the country’s legal euthanasia program after it became clear that her life with the incurable disease would not improve.

“My quality of life with this illness is almost nonexistent, it’s not a good life,” she told the DailyMail.

“I don’t do anything. It is painfully boring. It’s profoundly isolating.”

Thompson has spent roughly 22 hours every day painfully stuck in bed since contracting the novel coronavirus as it first swept across the globe in 2020.

Other than suffering a barrage of symptoms that have left her unable to cook for herself or even read, Thompson has been living off pennies since losing her job soon after contracting COVID.

Once a professional chef, Thompson now mostly only consumes various medications and a meal replacement shake because long COVID has caused her to become “allergic to everything.”

Mustering enough energy to get to the bathroom is the “biggest part of my day,” she told the outlet.

Even reading, watching television or listening to music while stuck in bed has been nearly impossible because her brain fog has grown so severe that she “can’t process the info.”

Thompson spends each day alone — she was forced to give her dog away after it became clear she barely had the strength to take care of herself.

Then I wake up and I do the whole thing again,” she said.

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