Nigeria Police dismiss special constabularies who attempted to extort Dutch tourist

The Nigeria police have dismissed two special constabularies for demanding money from a Dutch power bike cyclist.

Oyo State Commissioner of Police, Hamzat Adebola pronounced their dismissal at the state’s Police Headquarters in Eleyele, Ibadan.

The two special constabularies, Jimoh Lukmon and Kareem Fatai, who were on duty along Moniya-Iseyin road were seen in a viral video demanding money from the tourist who told them she was en route to Abuja.

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4 Comments to “Nigeria Police dismiss special constabularies who attempted to extort Dutch tourist”

  1. Good for them, at least it will serve as a deterrent to others. It’s getting too much for the police. Their excesses should be checked.

  2. Why will dismissed them, this people were not collecting a dime over 3years 🙄😂🙄😂 , I plead Mr President and inspector general to look into their matter , God bless Nigeria police force 🇳🇬

  3. Those people were not collecting kobo over three years 😭 even they didn’t collected any money from the Dutch power bike I plead to the IGP to look the special constabularies matter 🙏🏼🙏🏼

    1. I wonder how we wiil continue to glorify wrong. Is it a must to be with the police even when you said they are not paid for three year They were lucky not sent to prison. Imagine if they were fully engaged in the police force they would have been among the bad eggs.

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