Don’t lose hope despite economic challenges – Udom Emmanuel tells Nigerians

Former Governor of Akwa Ibom State, Mr. Udom Emmanuel, has delivered a message of encouragement to Nigerians, urging them not to lose hope despite the prevailing economic hardships.

Speaking as the guest lecturer at the Fifth Convocation Ceremony of Mountain Top University in Ogun State, Emmanuel emphasized the need for individuals to rise above the challenges faced globally.

In his address, Emmanuel acknowledged the high levels of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity characterizing the present world.

He stressed that no nation is immune to these challenges, and many individuals are grappling with fear and uncertainty about the future.

However, he emphasized the importance of holding onto hope as a crucial attribute.

Emmanuel advised individuals, especially students, to take time to envision their futures, emphasizing the significance of having a clear mental picture of the future one wants to create.

He shared his own experiences, recounting how he conceptualized and implemented initiatives like the state-owned Ibom Airline and the transformation of Akwa Ibom into a financial, economic, and technological hub.

Encouraging a growth mindset, Emmanuel urged people to accept that their existing knowledge might not encompass everything and to be open to superior information.

He highlighted the correlation between one’s belief system, philosophies, and ideology with the trajectory of their life.

Emphasizing the pursuit of excellence, Emmanuel cautioned against mediocrity, stating that being excellent at one’s endeavors renders biases irrelevant.

He encouraged individuals to become so proficient in their fields that biases based on gender, race, or ethnicity become inconsequential.

Mountain Top University expressed gratitude to Mr. Udom Emmanuel for his achievements during his tenure as governor, particularly in areas such as infrastructure, industrialization, healthcare, and security.

The institution commended him for delivering a rewarding lecture at the convocation ceremony.

The Vice-Chancellor of the university, Prof. Elijah Ayolabi, revealed that 349 students were graduating, including 36 with first-class honors, two earning doctoral degrees, and 17 in the master’s degree cadre.

The Chancellor, Dr. Daniel K. Olukoya, expressed gratitude for the university’s growth and academic excellence, promising continued efforts for advancement.

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