UK-Based Nigerian Doctor Claims People Now Leave The Country For Medical Care In Nigeria

Nigerian doctor based in the UK has asserted that individuals are currently departing the United Kingdom to seek medical treatment in Nigeria.

According to @simisola10, the pressure on the NHS system is unsustainable and citizens of some Eastern European countries also travel back home for medical care, returning to the UK with translated results and management plans.

She tweeted; “People now leave the UK to get medical care in Nigeria.

“I love the NHS; it has given me a whole lot. I am still very involved with it. The NHS has some of the best doctors and cutting-edge research worldwide. However, the pressure on the system is unsustainable. Some Eastern Europeans have usually returned to their country to deal with their health issues quickly because of the waiting times. Some bring their translated results and management plans back to the UK to continue. Increasingly, I’m seeing Nigerians doing the same.

“Yes. The ones I’ve come across are usually for elective procedures like cataract surgery, colonoscopies and dental care. If you have private comprehensive health insurance coverage in the UK, you can get any healthcare you need. Coverage varies depending on your age and health issues, and premiums will increase as you use it. For the average person relying on state-subsidised healthcare in England, the case is different. You have to wait your turn. The exception is a cancer diagnosis, where you have to get seen within two weeks. People in Scotland may have a different experience, but this is the case in England.”

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