How my boyfriend hid visa abroad, flight date from me – Lady narrates

A young Nigerian lady pens an emotional narration of how her boyfriend processed his abroad visa without informing her until a few days before his travel.

A social media user identified as @JumJumJay poured out her hurt following the heartbreaking way she found out about her boyfriend’s travel plans.

According to JumJum, her boyfriend reached out surprisingly about a confession regarding his plans to travel abroad.

He had kept his visa approval and other processes from her only to make it known a few days before his travel over claims of being warned not to inform anyone.

“My boyfriend called me one day and said he has a confession,in my mind I was scared,thought he wanted to breakup so I told him to go ahead. And he said he just got a mail that his visa was approved,I was happy for him and at the same time I was worried.

I was worried and scared of what will happen to our relationship, I wasn’t even bothered that he didn’t carry me along or mentioned anything when he started the whole process, I was just worried about what would become of us.. after plenty reassurance, I told him I would come visit next weekend.Went there,we discussed everything,he apologized for not carrying me along , I told him my fears and asked questions.

I asked if he still wanted the relationship so I won’t be waiting for nothing..he promised and assured me that nothing will happen to us,we’ll work on communication and all.. he carried me along with the other things he was putting in place, I told him to put his flight on a weekend so I could accompany him to the airport and he agreed..

The next time I went visiting was supposed to be few day to his trip so we decided to enjoy the moment,go on dates ,do things we’ve always wanted to do..we went out that day and decided to end the day by going to a lounge. On our way to the lounge,he was driving so I took pictures with he’s phone..while I was going through the pictures I saw his flight ticket.

Apparently,the flight is the next day which is on Tuesday. I felt betrayed and asked him why he did that,he said he was told not to tell anyone, he apologized but the night didn’t end well.First was he not saying anything about the process and now he’s leaving.what if I didn’t see the ticket?? After much begging and apologies,he left .

When he got there,we communicate and stuff after a while the communication reduced it went from talking everyday to talking every 2 days but I understand it’s all work and finding he’s feet,then the communication turned to “if I don’t chat you, you won’t chat me,if I don’t call you, you won’t call me” kind of thing..We talked about it and everything went back to normal..

Recently, I mentioned to him that I want to process my visa too,I use to tell him what’s going on with me so I made reference to some stuff have mentioned before and he was like,he hasn’t decided if he wants to stay there or move to another country and it’s not like he’s settled there, moreover he’ll come around in June or July, told him I don’t think I can wait that long,we know the hike in stuff and by then same amount I have now won’t be enough to do anything by then.

He was like,if we’re getting married, we have to be in same page blah blah.. I said I’m not coming there to lazy around and you know,you know how much I work hard,you know how much I hustle and stuff.. told him we can start together,hustle together and build our future together since we are both sure this relationship is solid ..I even said I can process it to the state or country,all I want from him is moral support and financial support if it’s available and he said he would thinkabout it…it’s been 4 weeks now and he kept avoiding the conversation.”

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